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Christmas in Syria – the story the guilty Western Media cannot bear to broadcast

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 3 January 2019

There are just two countries in the Middle East where Christians can celebrate their faith openly, as part of a supportive community and with no fear of having their head chopped off.  One is Israel, which is also the only country in the region where there are gay pride parades. But suggesting that Israel is a beacon of tolerance in a sea of bigotry is not part of the group think narrative for the liberal media elites here in the West. So what about the other place where Christianity is not a high risk activity?

It is of course Syria. Well parts of Syria. Those small pockets still controlled by either ISIS or by the Al Qaeda affiliated Islamofascists of the FSA, who we in the West and Turkey and the evil Saudis have backed with guns and money, saw no Christmas celebrations.

But most of the country is now controlled by President Assad and in that part of Syria and in the Kurdish regions (whose troops in Manbij and elsewhere are now fighting alongside Assad’s men, against “our guys”)  you can, as a Christian, celebrate your faith openly.

One of the great joys not of the Christmas just gone but of 2016 was of seeing Christians in Aleppo celebrate the nativity inside their newly reopened cathedral, St Elijah’s. Just days before Christmas two years ago, Assad’s men had liberated Eastern Aleppo from the Islamofascists ("our guys").  The Western press described that liberation as a siege though, in fact most of the City, had always been in Assad’s hands. Certainly Christians felt liberated in that for the first time in several years they could celeberate the birth of Jesus without having their heads chopped off.

It is thus acutely embarrassing for we, supposedly Christian, countries in the West to see scenes of joy in Syria as our co-religionists celeberate our shared faith. For we in the West have done our darndest to topple the regime which protects this freedom and to replace it with one which wishes to commit genocide against our fellow Christians. The Western media has abetted our Governments in this appalling misjudgement with fake news or, as over Christmas, by just not bringing you real news.

Thus one must turn to non Western sources for the videos below. You may not like Russia Today. We are told, by our leaders and the Western press who have lied to us about Syria, that RT serves up fake news.  The footage below is genuine. 

Meanwhile the liberal Western press spins the line that the US troops being withdrawn by Donald Trump will help ISIS to recover.  Au contraire. That is fake news. ISIS was able to flourish in Syria because the Assad regime was under a well funded attack from “our guys” and so had to fight on two fronts.  The less support we in the West give to those Islamofascists who behead Christians, children, gays, Alawites and all sorts of others, the folks David Cameron termed “the moderates” the easier it will be for President Assad, assisted by President Putin, who was on the right side, to purge the country of ALL the terrorists.

Al Qaeda. ISIS. They are not that different. They hate the West. They hate Christians. They hate you. They want to kill you. As such if President Assad kills more terrorists of ekither strain of evil, that is fine by me. It is hard to see why the West got this so totally wrong.

Meanwhile back to Christmas in Syria and the scenes the BBC and Channel 4 "fake" News would not dare to show of folks able to celebrate with joy becuase "our guys" lost... Video one is from Damascus, video two is from Aleppo. 


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