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The Madness of the West allows new genocide in Syria - we have blood on our hands

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 21 January 2018

For more than five years the West has been pusuing a policy of madness in Syria. The authors of this madness were crooked Hillary, Obama, Call Me Dave Cameron and Frau Merkel. Only Merkel is still in office but the madness continues.

President Putin recognised that the least worst option on offer in Syria was the incumbent President Assad. He clearly has many faults but under his rule women enjoyed the same rights as men, gays were not chucked off rooftops, boys were not beheaded, Christians were free to practice their religion and Syria was a relatively prosperous place. We might all agree that ISIS was an evil alternative.

But the West opted to back a coalition of other opponents of Assad which was dominated by Al Qaeda linked Islamofascists. You thought the crimes I mentioned above were committed by ISIS. Well they were. But they were also committed by the Western backed Islamofascists too. But, none the less, we fell in line with our regional "allies" Saudi Arabia and Turkey and backed these men of evil.

Perhaps the one force who we can all agree are the good guys are the Kurds. When the Western Powers created arbitary states across the Middle East after World Wars 1 and 2 we negleced to give these fine folks living in what is now Iraq, Syria and Turkey any sort of homeland instead forcing them to live under the yolk of tyrants chosen either by Britain or in later years imposed from within.

But after recent struggles the Kurds now have autonomy in Iraq. Indeed this state has voted for Independence but the West failed to back this and so it may not happen. The Kurds have also carved out a safe space in Syria. That is a safe space which President Assad appaers willing to accept for he knows that the real enemy of us all is Islamic extremism whether of the ISIS variety or of the Al-Qaeda branch, that is to say the guys we in the West have backed.

In Turkey there is no safe space for Kurds or indeed anyone who disagrees with is fascist President Erdogan. The Country's authoritarian leaders view those who wanted a safe space as terrorists. And there have been some acts of terror. But given Turkey's long term appalling track record of persecuting minorities is that any great surprise?

This weekend Turkey has, not for the first time, been bombarding Kurdish villages inside Syria both from the ground and from the air. What is different this time is that it is the prelude to a ground offensive where Tuirkey will link up with the Al-Qaeda linked terrorists ( or as David Cameron once described them, "moderates") to ethincally cleanse the Kurds, that is to say our allies. This will send a lesson to Kurs in Turkey and allow a safe space for Islamofacists in Syria. This is a balck and white issue surely? No good can come from it.

We in the West appear ready to standy by and let this happen. President Assad has said that he will help the Kurds. Perhaps Russia and Iran will help the Kurds.

Surely this madness exposes the folly of Western policy in Syria. Quite simply we in the West have backed the wrong side from the outset so enlarging and prolonging this conflict creating untold misery. The Kurds will fight heroically but civilians and fighters alike will be butchered. Their blood is on the hands of our leaders who will sit idly by as our "allies" engage in genocide. Perhaps they are too busy planning pointless bridges across the Channel to notice or to care?

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