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Jim Matthews to be charged by the Met with fighting AGAINST ISIS - is the UK officially mad?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 8 February 2018

That we have betrayed the  brave, decent and honourable Kurds as we turn a blind eye to the genocide being conducted by Turkey and the Al Qaeda backed Islamofascists of the FSA (also backed by the West) is a matter of the utmost shame for the West. But we in the UK have now gone a step further, the Met is to charge Jim Matthews as a terrorist.

Mr Matthews is a Brit who went out to Syria to fight alongside the heroic Kurds, folks who support democracy, women's rights and that sort of thing, against evil ISIS. And that is deemed a terror offence? I suspect that if this gets in front of a jury, any rational 12 men and women will give Matthews a standing ovation and start booing the morons at the Met. This is a joke - there is no way on earth that this brave man whould be charged.

Meanwhile the official line is that Brits who went to fight FOR ISIS, terrorist who behead children, stone women to derath, throw gays off buildings, goo on the rampage in Paris and London, etc are to be reintegrated into society by being allowed to jump the housing waiting lst and given other benefits.

I despair. We are the authors of our own destruction.

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