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Syria – what the liberal media is not telling you – get ready for blowback as the West suffers the price of its folly

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 7 July 2018

I have noted time and time again that the West has been backing the wrong side in Syria. And that side is now losing ground at an alarming rate much to the joy of native Syrians.  Now that  mortars belonging to the Free Syrian Army, aka Al Qaeda, the folks Call Me Dave Cameron termed “moderates”, no longer pound Damascus, the Western media begrudgingly and rarely shows footage of a capital that is safe, prospering, free and happy.  Now President Assad helped by Russia is seeking to seize control of the South West of Syria, the area bordering Israel and Jordan.

This area has been held for three years by Al-Qaeda affiliates in some places and by ISIS affiliates in others. You and I might term all of those rebels as Islamofascist terrorists, folks who behead children, gays, non Sunni Moslems and indeed anyone who does not agree with them., evil men.

The Assad assault has been underway for barely two weeks yet already almost three quarters of the province has fallen including the strategically critical main crossing point into Jordan. It gets better – those defending much of the remaining territory are negotiating surrender terms. Within the next couple of weeks the area will be cleansed of Islamofascist vermin. And once again the BBC and others will not show you how those liberated by Assad celebrate his victory, for that would be to admit that we in the West have backed the wrong side.

What is remarkable are the photos emerging from the areas recaptured of the vast array of highly sophisticated US, UK and Saudi weapons left behind and abandoned by the jihadists. But not all of their arms have been left behind and that begs the question of where those weapons and those who carry them go next?  There is just one FSA stronghold left in Syria, Idlib, and kit will fall before the summer is out leaving almost the entire country in the hands of either Assad or the Kurds and in peace. Syria can start rebuilding and, at least some, of the refugees can and will go home.

But where will the Islamofascist jihadis go? No-one wants them in the Middle East. In Iraq they will be executed and in Syria they can face a similar fate.  These guys are still committed to jihad and to them there are all sorts of evils to fight: Assad, the Jews or the decadent liberal West. And which is the easiest target?

Of course we have been here before. The West armed Bin Laden in Afghanistan as he fought the Russians but he did not care and his thank you was 9/11.  Then fools like Call Me Dave, President Obama and Crooked Hillary decided to arm his disciples in Syria, men who happily swapped troops and weapons with ISIS, because – foolishly they thought Syria would be better off without President Assad. Well guess what? Assad is staying. Most Syrians are delighted and now Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters are looking for someone else to attack with their nice new guns and explosives provided by the US and the UK.

 This is what Ron Paul terms “blowback” and will again demonstrate the lie our leaders tell us that these foreign wars make us sitting at home that much safer. Au contraire.

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