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454 days ago

Do the British Teaching Unions say #JeSuisProfesseur and if not why not?

Yesterday, there were vast protests across France against the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty by an Islamist butcher. His “crime”, you will remember, was to show cartoons of the prophet Muhammad to his students in a class on free speech. French Teaching Unions have, as one, condemned the murder and spoken out on the importance of free speech. They are clear: they support liberty and say #JeSuisProfesseur.


1289 days ago

Syria – what the liberal media is not telling you – get ready for blowback as the West suffers the price of its folly

I have noted time and time again that the West has been backing the wrong side in Syria. And that side is now losing ground at an alarming rate much to the joy of native Syrians.  Now that  mortars belonging to the Free Syrian Army, aka Al Qaeda, the folks Call Me Dave Cameron termed “moderates”, no longer pound Damascus, the Western media begrudgingly and rarely shows footage of a capital that is safe, prospering, free and happy.  Now President Assad helped by Russia is seeking to seize control of the South West of Syria, the area bordering Israel and Jordan.


1997 days ago

ISIS & Al Qaeda must be praying that Crooked Hillary Clinton defeats Trump

As Obama's Secretary of State, it was crooked Hillary that did so much to create the mess that is Syria today. Over the past four years President hopey change has slowly backtracked and at last peace is in sight out East. Both ISIS and the, largely Islamofascist and often Al-Qaeda affiliated, Free Syrian Army, FSA, are in retreat. But crooked Hillary has plans to change all of that.

What is it with the Democrats and blood lust?