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Michael Vaughan vs Shamima Begum – why the BBC does not speak for me, part 567

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 13 January 2023

Mr Vaughan used to captain Yorkshire and England at cricket and until last year worked as a commentator for the BBC at which point he was suspended following allegations from the whistleblower and anti Semite Azeem Rafiq that Vaughan made a racist remark to Asian players in 2009. That allegation made by the anti-semite and alleged sex pest is denied by Vaughan. On the other hand, Ms Begum left the UK to join ISIS, admitted to watching and applauding beheadings in Syria and condoned the attack on the Manchester area which saw a raft of young girls killed.

Mr Vaughan has not been proved guilty of an offence back in 2009 and denies the charge made by a man whose own behaviour surely makes him a slightly suspect witness but he is silenced by the State funded broadcaster. Ms Begum is clearly a supporter of one of the most depraved terror groups on earth. ISIS, by the way, has not been beaten, it is still committing atrocities across the world even in Syria, where Begum is holed up as Britain has, rightly, said we don’t want her back.

However, there is a massive PR campaign by all the usual useful idiots to welcome Ms Begum back to Britain and as part of that the BBC is now running a ten part series so she can tell her side of the story. Her statements supporting killing girls in Manchester and about how she used to enjoy a good beheading back in Raqqa are on the record. We all know enough already.

When one compares the BBC’s treatment of Mr Vaughan and that of Ms Begum can you honestly say that the BBC speaks for you?

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