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President Obama and we in Britain betray the Kurds as we back the fascist Erdogan

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 26 August 2016

Of the four broad factions fighting in Syria the only grouping we might all agree to be "nice people" are the brave Kurds. President Assad (the least worst of the rest) and ISIS use chemical weapons. ISIS and the Free Syrian Army behead folks, deny women and gays all rights and are all round islamofascist bastards. The Kurds believe in democracy, liberty, don't commit war crimes and their liberated women fight with the men. What is not to like about the Kurds?

Well it seems a lot. At least that is what our leaders think. In our desperate desire to suck up to the gay bashing, women oppressing, free speech denying fascist regime of President Erdogan we are now openly betraying the Kurds.

We have, for while, turned a blind eye to Turkish planes bombing Kurdish fighters and civilians - a war crime - inside Syria. Turkey has openly attacked the Kurds to assist its islamofascist pals in the FSA as well as to send a clear message to Kurds within Turkey that they have no chance of home rule. But Turkey has gone further than supporting the FSA such is its loathing of the Kurds.

back in early 2015 the Kurds threatened to take control of the border town and district of Jarablus. The Turks warned them that if they advanced towards it they would be attacked. The Kurds did not advance and so ISIS took the town. This week the Kurds were again at the gates of Jarablus and this time Turkey has directly intervened with planes and tanks to ensure that its FSA allies move in. Turkey warned the Kurds that if they did not lift their siege of the town they would be attacked and the US weighed in to warn the Kurds off as well. We in the West have betrayed the good guys.

Turkey's fear is that the Kurds might have closed one of the last gaps stopping them controlling all of the lands on the Syrian border. That would, of course, shortened the war in Syria big time since it would have cut off the main supply line not only for the FSA but also for ISIS. Peace would have followed shortly. ISIS would be routed. What is not to like about this?

Of course, with its long history of committing genocide against its own minorities and denying provinces which are ethnically non Turkish any degree of autonomy, Turkey can see the danger. But it is not the role of the West to prop up the loathsome Erdogan regime. But we are happy to do that and to back this Nazi and his meddling in Syria.

Jarablus had - pre war - a sizeable Kurdish population, In olden times it was an area under Kurdish control and without Turkish meddling the Kurds would have driven ISIS out of the town. Instead the Islamofascists of ISIS have been replaced by FSA Islamofascists. We in the West are told by our pliant media that this is a victory against ISIS and so brings peace closer. That is a lie.

We have made the conflict worse by prolonging it and we have betrayed the one genuine force for good in Syria today. It is a day of shame for Britain and America.

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