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Bombing Syria: Tony Blair is delighted but what have you achieved Trump and May?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 14 April 2018

Perhaps you remember that Tony Blair lied to the House of Commons about Saddam Hussein having WMD which could hurt Britain within 45 minutes and so got us involved in an illegal war. 179 British servicemen are dead as a result, hundreds are maimed for life, thousands of innocent Iraqis are dead, ISIS got its big break. There is so much blood on Blair's hands that any decent society would, at the least, shun him and should really send him to the Hague for trial.

But last week the media gave him full air time to explain, inter alia, why Britain should not wait for hard evidence that President Assad had used chemical weapons in Douma, or bother with a Parliamentary debate. Instead Blair reckoned a minority Government lead by the hapless Theresa May should go ahead and bomb Syria anyway. And that happened overnight. The war criminal Blair must be delighted.

Once again we have bombed some arabs without waiting for independent inspectors to assess whether our "enemies" have actually committed a crime to justify our acts in the first place. Inspectors will only arrive in Douma today. Just suppose they find Assad dropped no chemical bombs. Does that make Trump, May and Macron war criminals like Blair himself?

It seems our bombing killed no-one although some civilians are injured. More blood on your hands Mr Blair.

What has this achieved? Tensions with Russia have increased -the world is a more dangerous place. That is not good.
The outcome of the war will not be changed. The antics of Trump, may and little Macron may have delayed Government advances by a few days so allowing the Al-Qaeda linked forces and ISIS who they are attacking a few more days to chuck gays off rooftops, behead 12 year old boys and murder Christians, Kurds or Shia Muslims. Yes the FSA, who we back, are guilty of all those crimes and were also using gas just a few weeks ago to kill Kurds in Afrin. But what do we care when it is "our side" using gas?

So there will be a few extra days of Islamofascist butchering but in the end the jihadis - whether ISIS or FSA - will be wiped out, in some cases coming back to Britain and a free council house as part of Mrs May's reintegration plans. Syria will be ruled by the Kurds in the East (good guys) and Assad in the West and centre ( not as bad a guy as the Islamofascists we support).

Will it deter Assad from using gas? We still do not know that he DID use gas in Douma but if he did then it shows that our last bombings to punish (unproven) Assad gas attacks in April 2017 did not deter him at all. So why should this raid? Moreover, we know that the Islamofascists we back have used gas in Syria - why do we not try to deter them?

In other words this bombing will have achieved nothing good, only bad things. Not that this will stop Tony Blair calling for more intervention in the region and a jingoistic media and political class baying for blood alongside the old war criminal.

This bombing has achieved nothing positive and is #Notinmyname

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