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The best of the Chris Huhne MP (pro tem) jokes from twitter

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 4 February 2013

As Chris Huhne MP (pro tem) prepares to leave the house of commons to spend some time an another institution full of liars and thieves ( so no change there), twitter erupts into a volley of abuse. Here’s the best

#Huhne has been driven out of office by this scandal. Or did he drive himself?

Vicky Pryce was furious about Trimingham now she’s pleased #Huhne is doing some bird.

Today is a good day to bury bad #Huhne’s..

Clegg ‘I am shocked and saddned that Chris #Huhne has admitted criminaly perverting the course of justice – he should have kept lying’

“Miss Pryce is using an archaic defence called ‘marital coercion’ ‘ So can I use the same thing to get out of shopping?

Nick Clegg says he’s “shocked and saddened” at #Huhne’s admission of guilt. Shocked? Really??? Pull the other one.

feels like Lance Armstrong all over. Years and years of vociferous denials followed by pathetic admission #Huhne

There was an MP named Chris #Huhne/Who suddenly altered his tune/So stop being beastly/The member for Eastleigh/Is exiting parliament soon.

So chris #huhne appears to have united everyone across the political spectrum. They’re all laughing at him #pisstakeofnationalunity

#Huhne admits guilt and resigns as MP. #Berlusconi found guilty and runs for PM. #InterestingDifferencesInAttitudesToCorruption

Lib dems narrowly avoided having utter lying twat as leader..oh, what a minute.. #huhne

Might have Chris Huhne to stay. Perhaps at HMP Parkhurst. #Huhne

I am utterly shocked that the Govt Minister responsible for Windfarms has been found guilty of lying. #Huhne

‏@theJeremyVine No sooner does Richard III emerge into the 21st century than he discovers the brutal realities of the 24-hour news cycle #Huhne

Urging fellow #Eastleigh residents to put eggs by radiator now in preparation for by-election. Nigel vs Boris? Im already entertained #Huhne

Perverting the course of Justice sounds less sexy when you find out Justice isn’t a person & when you see a picture of Chris #huhne

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