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Humourless bastard, DJ and TV presenter Jay Hynd tries to floor me on behalf of his welfare addicted, thieving neighbours in Liverpool

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 8 August 2016

I have wasted too much of my time with a long exchange of emails this morning with a humourless bastard called Jay Ryan who appears to be a DJ, TV presenter and web presenter in Liverpool. One of the few folks in a City wherer idling is in theb genes, to get up at 10 AM he seems offended by comments I made on twitter. Jay started it off with the offering below which I retweeted with the comment

thousands of bone idle scousers enjoy their weekend break ahead of five hard days thieving & collecting welfare

What followed was bizarre. I post the transcript but remember that if a journalist seeks an interview our code of ethics are that you should declare that to your victim. Getting someone on a phone line without saying what you are up to is unethical. After that incident with the nurse for Prince George such antics are viewed very dimly. Note how Jay fails to answer my questions.

Jay Hynd <[email protected]>

Hi Tom,
Hope you are ok - just seen your tweet. Wondering if you fancy a chat on the phone? Be good to catch up.

Tom Winnifrith <[email protected]>


I am fine, you say catch up but I am not sure that we have met before. What would you like to chat about? Anyhow good to see that someone in Liverpool out of bed before 10 am.. well done

Jay Hynd

Early riser me Tom. We would just like to talk about your tweet and your obvious dislike of Liverpool.

Tom Winnifrith

Sure. Not a dislike it is friendly banter. Your crime & welfare rates are above national averages. So it is fair comment. As might or might not be the phrase southern jessie.
Oddly few whingeing scousers complain about that do they.

In days gone by such banter was allowed as in the "thank you very much for paying our benefits" chant from liverpool fans at the spurs game. Now, there is a humourless offence taken.

I realise that honesty is not compulsory in Liverpool but when you say "we'd like to talk" - who is we and to what purpose?

Jay Hynd

Your views are extremely immature Tom, you look like quite an older guy so I am surprised someone of your age can be that childish.

Have you ever been to Liverpool? How about coming for the day, I will personally pay for your train travel. You could tweet about to your thousands of paid for followers? Deal?

Tom Winnifrith

Dear Jay

I do not pay for followers. I have earned a living as a journalist for 26 years. I run a website known for busting stockmarket fraud, was commended by regulators for busting the biggest fraud for 30 years last year ( one employing a lot of scousers as it happens).

Have I been to Liverpool? Yes. My sister was born there. My father worked there. My step sister was at Uni there, I have been many a time

I await your explanation of how "we " is and why you wanted to chat. I assume that it was trying to make me look like a Southern twit to your listeners. As a journalist I know that our ethical code requires we hacks to be upfront with people in seeking an interview. Maybe standards don't apply in the grim North.

My wife ( a Northerner) set to give birth in the next few weeks so not really minded to head to the welfare safaris right now. 

But should you want to arrange a trip in the fall happy to oblige and to justify my banter to your listeners. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jay has not replied. Maybe he is too busy reading up on journalistic ethics and is starting to realise that he has goofed. Anyhow, I am quite happy to viist the grim North to chat with him about life in the welfare safaris.

Everton vs West Ham 29 October - how about Jay gets two tickets and i shall see him there?

Over to you Jay...

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