Geoffrey Eve, the child abuser, my abuser, at Warwick School - a 3rd boy comes forward

1370 days ago

…here and that prompted a second victim of teacher Geoffrey Eve to come forward here. Now a third boy has stepped … indeed engaged in an active cover up to protect Geoffrey Eve all those years ago. This was a man who took … OW's suffered at the hands of the sadistic abuser Geoffrey Eve please get in touch with me on [email protected]


Warwick School - More Former Pupils speak up about the abuser, my abuser, Geoffrey Eve: Will the school please do something?

1372 days ago

…abuse that I suffered at the hands of a teacher Geoffrey Eve 38 years ago. The HM said swift action would be … - the systematic and sadistic abuse of pupils one Geoffrey Eve brother of famous TV and film star Trevor Eve! I … of urgency on the HM. The victims of abuser Geoffrey Eve have waited long enough for justice. …


The law sucks - Geoffrey Eve Child Abuser of Warwick School pupils like me looks set to escape so Plan B?

1198 days ago

…I have written a number of times about Geoffrey Eve, a sadistic bastard who is still alive but who in … of action is for me to bring a civil case against Geoffrey Eve and also, for its numerous failures on this …


Speaking to the police about abuse at Warwick School 40 years ago - it gets so much worse

1280 days ago

…in the 1978/9 school year when sadistic bastard Geoffrey Eve, my form teacher, had thrown my head against a … the 70s and 80s. The other one does not involve Geoffrey Eve but another master of the time. And the … intact but is punished for what he did. Geoffrey Eve... I am talking about you, the wheels of justice …


Warwick School – your mea culpa on historic sexual and physical abuse is an outright fail

694 days ago

…all too aware of the physical abuse handed out by Geoffrey Eve over many years since I was a victim. The Police …


Historic sexual and physical abuse at Warwick School, progress at last ... the HM calls

752 days ago

…abuse, in my case from a sadistic bastard called Geoffrey Eve, will get no help from the law and the question …


Day 4 of the 2019 Greek Hovel olive harvest: the Old Bill calls, the team is complete, is the cat dead? – Saturday

353 days ago

…had read my latest article on sadistic abuser Geoffrey Eve of Warwick School and reported to the old bill. I …


Warwick School – why continue to stick your head in the sand over historic sexual and physical abuse and the cover ups your organisation facilitated?

755 days ago

…that I suffered at the hands of the sadistic Geoffrey Eve forty years ago was physical. It is now more than …


Photo Article: What a small world as I revisit Warwick School to discuss abuse 40 years ago

1388 days ago

…the sadistic abuse handed out by school teacher Geoffrey Eve to myself and others some 40 years ago. …


Colder Autumn air, my ankle starts to click, I think of Warwick School, the abuse, Mr Eve and the cover up

807 days ago

…who threw my head against the wall twice, Mr Geoffrey Eve, and of the cover up that continues to this day. … had arranged to discuss the issue of bullying and Geoffrey Eve eighteen months ago. At Locke’s suggestion, … t on today is, in my mind, part of that cover up. Geoffrey Eve is now 93. I am sure I am not the only man out …