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Fecking Warwick School – it happened again

32 days ago

…happens Moffatt’s mother witnessed sadist Geoffrey Eve starting to have a go at me, shouting at me. That …


Waking up with a pain in my ankle – thanks again Warwick bloody school: where do we stand on its historic sexual abuse?

79 days ago

…My abuse – at the hands of sadistic bastard Geoffrey Eve – was physical. Natch’ Warwick …


Warwick School - more vile testimony of widespread historic sexual abuse

109 days ago

…that I was physically abused by serial sadist, Geoffrey Eve, and apologized in private. Nor has there been …


40 years too late Warwick School has today apologised to me for the physical abuse I suffered aged 11 at the hands of Geoffrey Eve

217 days ago

…secrets. If you were either physically abused by Geoffrey Eve or another Warwick teacher or sexually abused by … opportunity to teach young folk elsewhere. As for Geoffrey Eve, the school has written to him saying that it …


Breaking the contract with Joshua's school (Ysgol) once again

314 days ago

…what extra punishment sadistic old bastards like Geoffrey Eve would have handed out. The teacher merely said, …


Warwick School – Now Headmaster Number 3 seems to go for the child abuse cover up

500 days ago

…raised the issue of historic abuse. At that time, Geoffrey Eve, the man who twice smashed my head against the …


Another punishment beating: This is how Warwick School covered up the brutality of sadistic abuser Geoffrey Eve in the “good old days”

502 days ago

…It was about four years after Geoffrey Eve twice slammed my head against the wall when … the bottom. Unfortunately for the 10 year-olds, Geoffrey Eve was, at that very moment when the cry of …


Warwick School – Damning New Evidence of the cover up of abuse: no more excuses HeadMaster

550 days ago

…at Warwick School by sadistic history teacher Geoffrey Eve is twofold: Firstly, I hope to make other victims …


After Everyone's Invited, will Warwick School's new Headmaster deal with the Geoffrey Eve abuse & other sexual abuse & the cover up, here's the old one washing his hands of it

551 days ago

…Warwick School, where 43 years ago sadistic brute Geoffrey Eve, a serial physical abuser of young boys, threw my … Eve matter into the long grass. For all I know, Geoffrey Eve may now be burning in hell for he would be in his …


Day 4 of the 2019 Greek Hovel olive harvest: the Old Bill calls, the team is complete, is the cat dead? – Saturday

1030 days ago

…had read my latest article on sadistic abuser Geoffrey Eve of Warwick School and reported to the old bill. I …

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