Sunday May 19, 2019
Photo Article - a Woodlarks training walk up the River Dee
Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - this is what I do when not writing or walking
Photo Article update from the Welsh Hovel - a sight to delight daughter Olaf


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Dragged to the Greek Hovel, Nicho the Communist gives his verdict on my olives….

210 days ago

…in Kambos, bar lovely Eleni, that is to say Nicho the communist said that he would, this weekend, give his …


Photo article from the Greek Hovel - my olives are looking good, despite everything

213 days ago

Nicho the Communist is sitting with me in the Kourounis taverna in …


Photo article: It is all familiar faces back in Kambos and up at the Greek Hovel

276 days ago

…Sure there are a few seasonal visitors. Poor Nicho the Communist, Papou, a man several years older than I am, has …


Photo Article - my 20 a day complete I ponder how many olive trees does the Greek Hovel actually have?

358 days ago

…old trees that produce nothing. In due course Nicho the Communist and I will replace the old trees and wild olive …


A tale of two restaurants The Katelanos and Miranda's in Kambos

531 days ago

…- £5. The faces were all familiar to me: Nicho the Communist chatted to Foti the Albanian, the rather simple …


Photo Article: olive harvest at the Greek Hovel day 3: Nicho the Communist says I am mad

540 days ago


Photo Article: So I picked up a young woman and was shamed

696 days ago

…C'est moi. I did not dare to mention that, as Nicho the Communist and I had purged the snakefields of frigana with …


Photo Article from the Greek Hovel – the Frigana battle, I need to start chopping

706 days ago

…a bit more than a few. They ave held out against Nicho the Communist's spraying. Maybe some of the upper leaves are …


Photo Article: Doing what makes me happiest - a 2 hour workout at the Greek Hovel killing frigana

717 days ago

…are mostly knee high. The industrial spraying by Nicho the Communist a month ago missed out a few areas entirely and …


Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: At the snake house - pruning THAT tree at last

729 days ago

…was the snake house and I accepted that. But now Nicho the Communist's poison has left the last few bushes brown and …


Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: dealing with rats as I discuss kidnapping some cats

734 days ago

…repellents he had sold me up and working and that Nicho the Communist had helped me poison the land which the snakes …


Photo Article: A Present for Nicho the Communist as I examine his poisoning work at the Greek Hovel

743 days ago

…it was time to inspect the handiwork of Nicho the Communist who has had two sessions poisoning the frigana …


Frigana poisoning at the Greek Hovel... avrio arrives as I slip past Didcot

746 days ago

…number but not one that I recognised. It was Nicho the Communist on a land line. So you are in England, he said. I …


Frigana Poisoning at the Greek Hovel Delayed again - this time it is not God

748 days ago

…and close them again when my comrade in Labour, Nicho the Communist turned up. For I had a feeling that once again he …


Frigana Poisoning at the Greek Hovel - bottles of whiskey cause postponement, or maybe it was God?

749 days ago

…the frigana poisoning. Not to my great surprise, Nicho the Communist and The Albanian were nowhere to be seen. I sat … taverna in Kambos. The one notable absentee was Nicho the Communist and it soon emerged that he had, last night, …


Photo Article: Frigana Poisoning at the Greek Hovel - Part 2

750 days ago

…identified at the Greek Hovel. On the other hand Nicho the Communist regards these snake shelters as an obstruction to …


Photo Article Part 1 - Poisoning at the Greek Hovel with Nicho the Communist

750 days ago

…As he had promised my friend Nicho the Communist returned to the Kourounis taverna after half an …


Poisoning at the Greek Hovel - what about the poor sheep and goats?

750 days ago

…warned them what is afoot. Secondly word about Nicho the Communist and I going to poison the snakefields has spread …


Delayed poisoning in the snakefields at the Greek Hovel...but not for that long

750 days ago

…I had agreed to meet Nicho the Communist at 9 AM sharp to poison the frigana at the Greek … in the heart of Kambos. Sure enough in wandered Nicho the Communist. to his credit ( or rather that of Eleni) he did …


Diary of a diabetic day 25 - lifting poison in Kambos

751 days ago

…my poison for a weekend of frigana poisoning with Nicho the Communist. 80 Euro saw me get a massive plastic bottle … I know) laughed as they saw me and at that point Nicho the Communist wandered up. So you two are poisoning tomorrow … even more. There seemed some doubt as to whether Nicho the Communist would be sober enough to do it but he assured me … as well. Another lady hooted. I sense that the nicho The Communist/Tom frigana poisoning the snake fields story is …


Photo Article: Nicho The Communist, the Goats and a lesson in olives

754 days ago

…Fourth time lucky. At the agreed time, Nicho the Communist wandered into the Kourounis taverna in Kambos for …


Olive inspecting with Nicho the Communist postponed (again) - St George's day drinking in Kambos

756 days ago

…On the first day that Nicho the Communist and I were due to inspect the wild olives at the …


BREAKING: I met a snake at the Greek Hovel and I killed it!

761 days ago

…aged 49 I have now made the grade. I now wait for Nicho the Communist as we are meant to be heading back to the hovel …


Back at the kourounis taverna in Kambos - it's like I have never left

762 days ago

…to ghosts and, probably, large numbers of snakes. Nicho the Communist is not yet here. That means there are no English …


Photo Article - Learning to be a pyromaniac at the Greek Hovel with George the Albanian

813 days ago

…onto wild olive trunks which I shall create with Nicho the Communist. But my third job will be to brave the awakening …


Naming Mark Slater Hill at the Greek Hovel

820 days ago

…I received for exposing the Quindell fraud, Nicho the Communist and Vangelis kindly offered to shoot anyone who …


Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel - day 7: They think it's all is now!

891 days ago

…No-one there spoke English so I had to fetch Nicho the communist from the Kourounis taverna to translate for me. I …


As I wandered from Fleet Street to Ludgate Hill my mind wandered to Kambos and the Greek Hovel

912 days ago

…the man in the pink shirt, delivers for Dixons; Nicho the communist is a manager for an organic food company. But …


An evening that was a farewell to Kambos until December

1052 days ago

…not reopened. But the hardcore clientele led by Nicho the communist and Vangelis in his pink shirt still sit …


So I told Nicho the communist about my snake encounter

1086 days ago

…As you may remember, Nicho the Communist delighted in telling me upon my arrival in Kambos …


52 Euro, I thought it was 120 Euro but would gladly have paid 300 Euro - this is snake business

1102 days ago

…the fantastic "snake harvest" referred to by Nicho the communist means that demand is outstripping supply and that …


Wildlife diversity report from the Greek Hovel - day 5

1103 days ago

…moving up to the hovel without them. My friend Nicho the communist asked why I was not yet resident in the the …


Back in the Kourounis taverna in is as if I had never left

1104 days ago

…bar are Vangelis, the man in the pink shirt, and Nicho the communist, the chap with whom I had a bit of a disagreement …


My first ouzo for the road as Geriatrix stares at my screen in the Kourounis taverna

1462 days ago

…night. Outside at one of the tables my friend Nicho the Communist is holding Court. Behind me I can hear lovely …


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