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Lily Allen and the Jungle refugee, another luvvie snob hoodwinked and a broken system of migration

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 16 October 2016

That privileged luvvie Lily Allen apologised on behalf of the whole country to the residents of the Calais jungle for not letting them into Britain was nauseating and shameful, as I noted here. But it gets better... in spades.

Lily was talking to a young 13 year old who wanted to join his dad in Birmingham. It turns out that his dad, Hazrat Gul Sherin came to Britain on the back of a lorry, that is to say illegally, and was handed benefits for five years before gaining a job on a construction site. That he was able to flee was because he was monied - his father owned land. It is never the truly poor who can afford to become migrants. But it gets better.

Before he fled Afghanistan in 2005, Mr Sherin was a staunch supporter of Sunni warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who led militia group Hezb-e Islami, and was dubbed the “Butcher of Kabul” for the campaign of death and destruction he waged to gain control of Afghanistan's capital in the 1990s. So Mr Sherin, Papa Jihadist, was a murderer.

Better still having claimed benefits for five years despite being an illegal immigrant he gained asylum on the grounds that he was fleeing terror. But that did not stop him flying back to Afghanistan twice for holidays.

At every level this is farcical. Papa jihadist had no grounds to be in the UK, a country he entered illegally. We should not be offering sanctuary to affluent murderers. Let alone paying benefits to the bastards. And if he is okay to fly back to Afghanistan for his hols there is surely no justification for offering his son sanctuary either.

At every level this stinks. Lily will, of course, not find herself living anywhere near Papa jihadist. He will be living among the poor. Lily does not notice her tax bill which pays his benefits. The working poor do. And Lily will not be competing for a job with Papa jihadist now that he works on a building site. That, inconvenience is reserved for the working classes. Nor will her kids be competing for a place at their local school with Jihadist junior. That is for ordinary people, the great unwashed.

At every level this episode just makes me so angry. Or am I missing something?

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