Saturday April 20, 2019
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Lily Allen you spoilt privileged luvvie snob you do not speak for me or for England on immigration: feck off!

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- Tom Winnifrith

Born to two celeb luvvie parents, the pop singer Lily Allen has never had to struggle. Growing up in lefty and leafy Islington she attended 13 different schools including uber posh Bedales and was booted out of most of them. She is fabulously wealthy thanks to her pop songs. And now, when visiting the Jungle near Calais, she has apologised to those there on behalf of the whole country. Lily you are an out of touch elitist and can fuck right off.

Most of the folks in the Jungle at Calais are harmless but a number are gang rapists and worse - crime is rife there. Lily wants the whole lot admitted to the UK. When they arrive the good folks and the bad will end up in poorer areas not where Lily lives. So the gang rapists won't threaten her. Not will any of them act as cheap labour in the singing profession and put downward pressure on her wages or ensure more rationing of education and health in the social circles inhabited by Lily.

For Lily there is no downside for immigration and so need to debate the fact that their presence in France shows Jungle residents are not refugees as they are already in a safe country. Their wish to move to Britain makes them economic migrants.

But rich folks like Lily and C4's uber liberal anchor Jon Snow want more migrants so facts don't matter. There will be more cheapo nannies, cleaners and waiters at posh restaurants on offer for the liberal millionaires and no downside. Lily lives a privileged life so remote from the rest of us that is one of the least qualified folk in Britain to speak on our behalf. Lily sweetie, you sell records, you are not mandated by the rest of us or qualified in any way to apologise on our behalf.

Post Brexit (which she opposed natch) Lily tweeted "One thing is for sure though Boris will not be negotiating with the working classes interests in mind. We must #STOPBORIS". Places like Bedales really teach you what the working classes want and qualify you to speak on their behalf.


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