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Channel 4's Matt Frei meets Bruce Springsteen for a Trump hatefest - even the Boss looks embarrassed

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 19 October 2016

Bruce is in London plugging his autobiography and so is being interviewed by every TV station radio station and newspaper in town. The book talks about his battle with depression and sounds a bit depressing so the liberal media would rather have a Trump hatefest as they yack away with the Boss. Let's put this into context....

Springsteen has voted Democrat all his life. Back in 1984, at the height of his career when we were all Dancing in the Dark to Born in the USA, the Boss told us we must vote for Walter Mondale against wicked Ronald Reagan. In the election that followed almost nobody in America voted for old Walter other than Walter himself and Bruce. Ronnie won by a landslide.

Actually I am not sure that even Walter voted for Walter but Bruce did.

Matt Frei of Channel 4 News started off his Trump hatefest asking if any of Bruce's "people" were backing Trump. The boss looked a bit embarrassed. When Frei refers to Bruce's people he is talking about blue collar workers from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the rust belt states who are overwhelmingly voting FOR the Donald. But Bruce is these days worth $200 million and for almost forty years has lived with the Hollywood millionaires. Brad, Angelina, Matt are his pals and I think we know they are not big Trumpsters. But Brucie played along and said he knew a few Trump voters. Yeah that would be Clint Eastwood right? He's the sort of guy who might be one of Bruce's people these days.

Matt warmed to the task and went onto his specialist subject: racists. No he did not want to talk about the new controversy over whether Hillary Clinton uses the N word because Channel 4 does not do impartial coverage and so is not covering that story at all. But the man who recently accused a black vicar of being a racist for voting for Trump, instead asked the boss if "all Trump supporters are racist".

Springsteen may be a draft dodger who is wrong about almost everything in life but he is obviously a patriot and must have felt a bit pissed as some little European squirt asked if half of his fellow countrymen were racist. It is actually rather insulting not to say just ludicrous tosh. Even Springsteen could not go along with little Frei on this matter and had to answer in the negative.

And so it goes on...tonight on Channel 4 News watch absolutely no coverage whatsoever of senior Clinton campaign officials having to resign in the wake of the Veritas video showing industrial scale vote rigging and dirty tricks by the Dems. The real story from America is going to be absolutely anything else....

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