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Superior Matt Frei of C4 News puts the racist Trump loving black Reverend in his place with some made up facts

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 23 September 2016

Kylie Morris of Channel 4 News did her best to smear Donald Trump last night with her made up campaign pledges as I noted here, but her colleague back in the studio Matt Frei went one better as he interviewed the Reverend Mark Burns a highly articulate African American from South Carolina who is an ardent Donald Trump supporter. What followed was truly appalling.

Matt started by suggesting that as a black Trump supporter the good Reverend must "feel very lonely" which the Reverend denied saying that lots of blacks supported Trump. Frei persisted, by insisting that while Trump was trying to reach out it was "not working his support is only 4%

Oh dear Matt. You clearly have not been reading this website. Between 2000 and 2012 the average GOP candidate for President scored 4%. If Trump does any better than that he is a standout. And the polls over the weekend show Trump at 20% among African Americans. That makes him the most popular GOP candidate since 1960. It clearly is working. Why can't you get your facts right?

The good Reverend Burns politely suggested that Mr Frei had his "facts" wrong. To which Mr Frei retorted "They basically think he's racist". Let's just step back for a moment and consider those few words from Matt.

What a white rich liberal from Europe is doing here is saying that "They," that is to say black folks in the USA, think Trump is racist. He is saying this to a black man from the USA who is perhaps in a better position to know how black folks in the USA actually think. And as he lectures the thick darkie, the patronising white man is basing his assertions on numbers which are simply wrong. What an offensive little bastard Frei has become.

To his credit the good Reverend Burns did not explode with what would have been a quite justifiable anger but instead stated very calmly "I know real racism" and that Donald Trump is not a racist. That rather put little Frei in his place so he changed tack asking why the racial divide in America appeared to have widened over the past eight years.

If Frei had thought about it, this rather justifies the Trump claim that blacks have "nothing to lose" by voting for him. Since 2008 the Dems have run the White House ( with a black President) and Dems have also (mis)-managed most Cities where blacks are concentrated. Yet black families are worse off now than they were in 2008. Before Frei could blame Trump for the past eight years Mark Burns suggested that the Dems might be partly to blame for this and that this is why America needed change.

Aha, Frei was straight into this. How can a white billionaire from the Upper East Side in New York help poor black folks in South Carolina. Burns was brilliant,. Hillary goes to the black churches and sings Kumbaya and promises this and that for the blacks but nothing happens. The truth is that the Dems like a solid electoral block held captive by poverty.

Burns remembers - as one suspects Frei does not - that the saintly Dr King recognised that the real enemy of black Americans was poverty. It was a poverty that affected many whites as well but disproportionately blacks. Dr King wanted to help his fellow African Americans by ending the scourge of poverty across America. He knew that #Alllivesmatter. Burns says that Trump recognises that. He knows that America isn't great ( as Hillary insists) if you are poor or working class, but that it is broken.

In promising to tackle that he offers hope to a whole swathe of society that feels that it is without hope and without friends and blacks are over-represented in that swathe. That is precisely why Trump is the most popular GOP candidate among black voters in the modern era, since 1960 and that is why his support is surging among black voters.

But of course patronising elitist liberal bastards like Matt Frei know better than the blacks themselves what is good for the blacks. Frei knows that Trump must be a racist because that is how the liberal elites view this son of an immigrant married to an immigrant. And any black who dares to support Trump just does not know what is good for them and needs to pay more attention when elitist white folks like Frei are speaking.

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