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Pssssst Don't Tell the British liberal media elite but blacks don't hate Donald Trump for being a racist

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 12 April 2016

Listening to beltway liberal Kylie Morris on C4 or to the BBC's legion of taxpayer funded reporters it is clear that black Americans hate Donald Trump because he is a racist. That is a given right? No disputes it is what David Cameron might term a fact. Er... don't tell Kylie but it is not actually what the hard data demonstrates. Kylie's telling porkies again.

The most recent polls of black Americans asking them how they would vote in a Trump vs the loathsome Clinton race have The Donald ranging at about 10% wich is dire. But then again while blacks used to vote Republican in droves as it was the GOP that abolished slavery, since the 1960s and civil rights they have been solidly Democrat. They hate ALL Republicans.

Nixon got 35% of the non white vote in 1960 but since then the GOP candidate has - according to Gallup - polled:

6% Goldwater 1964
12% Nixon 1968
13% Nixon 1972
15% Ford 1976
10% Reagan 1980
13% Reagan 1984
18% Bush 1988
11% Bush 1992
12% Dole 1996

At this point Gallup seperates hispanics and blacks and other non whites and it is clear that the GOP does a lot worse among black voters than among other non whites ( for instance in 2004 polling 7% among blacks and 22% among other non whites to give an overall non-white 17% ) and that implies that the actual black vote since 1960 - other than in 1988 - has been consistently at 10% or below even when the GOP has won the battle for the White House. And so we go on..

3% Bush JNR 2000
7% Bush JNR 2004
1% McCain 2008
5% Romney 2012

Okay in 2008 and 2012 the Dems fielded a black candidate and that may partially explain why the GOP failed so badly in those years although the fact that McCain and Romney were also totally useless might also have had something to do with it. Of course McCain and Mitt are now telling Republicans they cannot select racist Trump as he will lose the black vote so ensuring a Democrat General Election win. Whatever.

But the stand out points are clear. Firstly blacks just dont like the Republicans. But secondly The Donald could quite possibly be the most popular Republican among black voters in 65 years despite Kylie et al saying that as a vile racist he cannot win the General Election in part because blacks will not vote for him.

All the evidence is that Trump would probably poll more black votes than any Republican since Nixon bac in 1960, bar the out-rider that is Bush in 1988. Since an awful lot of GOP candidates have won the race to the West Wing despite doing less well than "racist" Donald among the blacks, the beltway liberal media and the Country Club GOP establisment are talking patent nonsense either because they are too lazy to look at real data or because they opt to ignore it, since it does not fit their narrative.

Now when will Kylie and the BBC start reporting real balanced data do you think?

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