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Shock new poll: How will the liberal media explain how "racist" Trump is the most popular Republican with black voters in 56 years?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 19 September 2016

The weekend saw a slew of new polls and the headline is clear: Donald Trump is surging ahead of Crooked Hillary Clinton in the race to be the next President. Two weeks ago I gave eight reasons why The Donald would win HERE and things look to be on track. The real shocks, however, are in the detail, notably how Trump is surging among black voters. How can this be? Beltway liberal media pundits like Nick Bryan and, in her US stint, Emily Maitlis at the BBC and the loathsome Kylie Morris at C4 told us repeatedly that blacks hated the racist Trump. How will they spin this now?

As I pointed out in April HERE, it is not that black voters don't like Trump as he is a racist it is that they have voted Democrat en masse in the modern era. 1960 was the last time a GOP candidate, Nixon, got more than 20%. Back then there were voters whose parents were freed from slavery by a Republican (LIncoln) and in the South the Dems were the party of the white racist supremacy fighting against any form of civil rights. Thus blacks in the South voted Republican.

As a bonus for Nixon the Democrat (JFK) was of Irish origin and there was a long history of antagonism between the Irish and the blacks. It was the Irish in New York who rioted in the 1860s at the suggestion that they be forced to fight in the civil war. "We won't fight for the niggers" was the shameful view of my genetic kith and kin. All of this allowed Nixon to secure 35% of the non white vote but he lost anyway. The 1960s changed America as Democrats from the North led the fight for civil rights and by 1968 Dixiecrats (Southern white Dems) had transitioned via independent (Governor Wallace) and into the Republican fold. Southern blacks headed the other way and the black vote was thereafter a gimme for the Dems.

The highest black vote since Nixon was Bush Senior in 1988. At that point all non-whites were lumped together and hispanics tend to be less Democrat than blacks so the 18% for George might actually flatter his support among blacks.

Since 2000 when polling split black and hispanic voters the best performance among blacks was 7% for Bush junior in 2004. The average has been just 4%. But now comes the LA Times poll showing The Donald at 20.1% among black voters and with his support increasing rapidly. If Trump maintains this until the General Election he will be the most popular Republican candidate among black Americans for 56 years. Explain that one Kylie Morris.

Blacks have been vote fodder for liberals like Clinton for years. But they remain poorer, more likely to die young and far more likely to go to jail or to be executed for murder than are whites. Democrat "patronage" has done nothing for them at all. The asset bubbles since 2008 has made rich folk on the coasts and in Chicago richer and richer. Poor folk - and that means disproportionate numbers of blacks - have got poorer. The young men and women who have been sent abroad to die in the folly of foreign wars by folks like Hillary Clinton are overwhelmingly black. Hillary has form as a warmongerer and insists American is doing brilliantly. Trump is not going to send troops abroad to die pointlessly and he says America is broken and needs mending. As such is it any surprise that he appeals to black voters in a way no GOP candidate has done before in the modern era. The Clinton message just does not ring true for many blacks and, oddly, that of Trump does.

Sure the professional hate mongers of the Dem establishment will lambast Trump. Jesse Jackson, Oprah and Al Sharpton will call him a racist right up to the wire and the liberal media will air their calls to the ghettos to stick with Crooked Hillary. But it won't work. The son of an immigrant and husband of an immigrant, Trump will win and - as I noted two weeks ago - one reason is his incredibly appeal, for a Republican, to black voters.

in 2012 the country club Republican Mitt Romney got 5% of the black vote. As things stand The Donald is going to get a massive swing his way in this part of the community. Will the liberal media report this now? Over to you Kylie. And how will Kylie, Nick & Emily explain it?

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