God Help me I agree with Nick Clegg twice in ten minutes

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 20 October 2016


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God only help me but I am watching Nick Clegg on the Telly and I find myself agreeing with him. Not once but twice in ten minutes. This is a first and almost certainly a last.

There is some ghastly Labour harridan (Lady Smith) explaining why the Government should be allowed to snoop on all of our internet communications. She is bringing out all the sort of scare stories that are use to terrify we peasants into surrendering our civil liberties. Labour does not agree with Nick. It agrees with the Tories. Of course we have a host of laws that allow the rozzers and GCHQ to spy on all of us to fight kiddy porn, ISIS and anyone who ends their emails with the sign off "Tony Blair is a total 100% war criminal".

We do not need any more laws in this area and no other country in the world has anything as aggressive as what the British Government proposes. Bloody hell!. The man who agreed to gag the press after Leveson and voted to support Secret courts is starting to sound sort of liberal. Maybe it is that he has a book to plug. Anyhow I agree with Nick.

But I actually agreed with the old waste of space twice today. Earlier on, some ghastly Tory (Andrew Rossendale) was on saying that it was vitally important that we adopted old style blue passports to help reclaim our post Brexit national identity. I was almost expecting him to demand that we also bring back National Service, compulsory warm beer and cricket on sundays on the village green.

Hell's teeth we are running a massive deficit , the UK is drowning in debt, we are at war in Syria and set for Brexit and Rossendale reckons changing our passport is vitally important? Really? And would having a blue, rather than purple, passport really help create more of a sense of national identity? Forget God Save the Queen, We shall fight them on the beaches, 1966, Jerusalem, Lords, Nelson's Column, Chikken Tikka, etc, etc what really matters is the colour of one's passport. Bollocks.

Such self important grandstanding wastes taxpayers cash and achieves nothing at all. that is normally the sort of statement one associates with Nick Clegg's policies but in this case, he ex Lib Dem leader rightly poured scorn on the boorish Tory. Hell's teeth. Again, "I agree with Nick." I don't expect to be saying that again until some time in 2020.

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