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550 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - this is what the internet is for!

That is to say allowing folks to swap pictures of cats. In this case it is Sian who has taken to sleeping in the cot with baby Jaya. The baby is now far larger than the cat who shows real maternal concern when Jaya starts to cry. I know, I await emails with alarming warnings about “elf ‘n ‘safety issues”


2246 days ago

You private sector workers spend your whole day watching cats on the internet said the Mrs... ok, for once a fair cop, awesome video

The Mrs is of the view that while she and her fellow public sector workers slave away with inhumanly long hours, myself and the rest of the productive sector, the private sector, the wicked bastards who earn less and have less job security than the State employed saints and who risk their capital to fund the Government payroll, sit around all day watching cats on the internet. Just to reinforce the view from underneath the great Money Tree, below is a quite awesome video of a cat from the internet. Cats are just the coolest creatures on this planet are they not? 


2256 days ago

Reasons to despise all MPs No 563 - special protection for the poor darlings

For every safe seat, and 80% of all labour and Tory seats are safe. there is a line as long as your arm of folks begging to be selected. Much though MP's bleat about their poor pay (they are in the top 2% of earners even without expenses fiddles, second jobs etc and anti social hours (outside 30 weeks holiday a year, there is no shortage of hopefuls for this cushiest of jobs. Yet the pampered bastards who perennially forget that they work for us not the other way round, always want more special treatment.


2534 days ago

God Help me I agree with Nick Clegg twice in ten minutes

God only help me but I am watching Nick Clegg on the Telly and I find myself agreeing with him. Not once but twice in ten minutes. This is a first and almost certainly a last.


2694 days ago

Back online for my first night at the Greek Hovel with Alice Cooper

With the snake repellent canisters laid down yesterday I had no excuse and have returned to the Greek Hovel. It is now 11 PM my time, outside is just miles and miles of darkness. I don't mind that too much, my torch guided me to the front door from the car. I could see in the car headlights that there were bats flying around the rat room. But bats here are not rabid and they wont bother me.

I left the light on before I left and so I did not walk into a dark room. But its not the dark that spooks me it is the noises. Out in the fields, on the windowsill and outside my door the wildlife diversity is in full cry. I just dread to think.

But, in a stroke of genius, I have


3041 days ago

Weekly postcard #114 - Last thoughts from Greece & on Sabbatical starting edition

Sorry for the delay in getting this up. There have been various internet snags but a few last thoughts on my last weekend in Greece plus the sabbatical that started on Monday are now live


3210 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #94 - Christmas & why West Ham needs to send me to Greece (urgent plea) edition

In my weekly video postcard I have a few thoughts on Christmas including my Christmas Tree competion which you can enter HERE. I then turn to West Ham and make an urgent plea to Fat Sam and the West Ham board - pay for me to live in Greece until May and we can win the Premiership. Here's why.

In my weekly video postcard I look at why PLC fraud has become harder to hide  in the internet era but also at how companies that have committed fraud behave in their final months. Yes I am looking at Quindell again and that video can be watched HERE


3581 days ago

Into the new grown up house – it happened so fast

Just like clockwork the exchange happened at midday on Friday. The little men had cleared out the flat in the poshest bit of Bristol which the Mrs had lived in since her postgraduate days and we set off to a rather less fashionable neighbourhood, where the sale proceeds have been re-invested in a lovely Edwardian house.

Okay, we are living out of packing boxes right now. But the space is enormous. The kitchen here is almost the size of the old flat. We have a garden with a vine which produces grapes which make wine – the former owners have left us one bottle from the 2012 harvest warning that it tastes appalling.

I managed to find the place alright driving back by car on my own at 1 AM this morning bringing with me the first six boxes of my books. The rest of my stuff will arrive in ten days time and then two households will be formally merged.

There are frustrations like having no Internet and thus also no TV for another ten days. And so I missed the X-factor last night and also Foyle. And I shall be forced to head off to “Grounded” later to spend the day working on-line drinking lattes (er... Rioja).


3670 days ago

Greece Being Greece…

I think you know that I love Greece as does the Deluded Lefty, I mean the Mrs. What is there not to love about this place? Hmmmm. 

There is the Greek two kilometres. How far is it to the nearest taverna from our hotel? We asked the man at the local taverna which did not actually serve food and did not seem terribly strong on the drink front either. Two kilometres he said. Our hearts sank.


3735 days ago

Athens Bus Station - Why Greece Does not work

I am now in Corfu preparing for five days of rest and writing before my deluded lefty partner arrives to whisk me off to the former socialist paradise that is Albania. I travelled here by bust from Athens – a 10 hour trip and so feel a little on the tired said as we arrived at 5 AM. Athens Bus station is a total shit hole. It is what I imagine that Stoke on Trent is like. Only hotter.

I arrived early (fleeing the clip joint) to buy my ticket and wandered into a ticket hall with a desk for each location. At that point there were four of us trying to buy tickets and I counted 11 staff manning the desks.

The Corfu counter had no-one behind it but a full ashtray (in a non-smoking building) and cup of coffee suggested that there was life somewhere. But fear not,


3867 days ago

Derailed by a dynamic ftp syn attack

No I have not got a frigging clue what that means either. And if anyone geekish enough to know wants to let me know please do not bother. But that is what derailed all blogs hosted on the same platform as mine – millions of them. Misery shared is not misery eased. As with all IT weirdoes our hosts put up a statement which merely annoyed me more.

The administrators have confirmed that the shared hosting platform is currently under a dynamic ftp syn flood attack. To protect customer data and other Daily services the shared hosting platform has been temporally deactivated.

I do not know or care what a dynamic ftp wotsit is. All I want to know is when I can go live again. Which of course they won’t tell me as they do not know either. And so I will just write copy and wait and at some stage you will see a whole day’s efforts pour out in a post constipation rush. I do hate the internet sometimes.

But we are back now…watch the copy flow.


3971 days ago

Jake Berry MP, Tory Moron and Guardian writer

What the hell is a Conservative Party MP doing writing in the Guardian? Surely he must be aware that sister paper of the BBC is the spawn of Beelzebub? Apparently Jake Berry, who represents Rossendale & Darwen ( where is that?) is happy to sup with the Devil and has published a long piece arguing that the Government should ensure that those living in Social housing get access to broadband at low – or even no – cost. Er….

So let me get this straight Jake: you and I work hard (well you are an MP but I will give you the benefit of the doubt) to earn money on which we pay tax so that folks living in housing subidised by those taxes, usually entirely dependent on benefits paid for by those taxes, now get to play computer games on the Internet all day thanks to my taxes as well. Fab. Sounds like a really great idea. Not.

The moronic Berry opines