Thursday February 21, 2019
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Just when you thought the US Election could not get any weirder - #SpiritCooking at Camp Hillary Clinton

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- Tom Winnifrith

The MSM will not be covering this but even for the bunch of weirdos and degenerates in camp Hillary Clinton this is bizarre. Moving on from emails on a laptop of a 50 year old man who tries to get the knickers off 15 year old girls, we now have another wikileaks email in which the brother of Hillary's campaign chief John Podesta invites him over for some spirit cooking. What is that you say? Please do not read on unless you are over 18 and have a strong stomach.

It is all a bit satanic: you mix some semen and some blood ( sometimes menstrual) or sometimes fresh breast milk and you drink, oh jeepers I think I am going to be sick.

I guess Mr Podesta might not have accepted the invitation. You know in my circles I do not go around asking "have you ever drunk breast milk mixed with semen at a party" And I can't think that anyone I know would answer "no, but you might ask my brother"

But then I am not a senior member of the Democrats campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Somehow I can't see how this matter which is now all over twitter is going to win many floating votes for Mrs Clinton. But she should look on the bright side. Her support amongst most minorities may be tanking since 2012 but she must now be heading for a lockdown on the votes of the devil worshipping minority.


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