Sir Patrick Stewart on Donald Trump - the luvvie who cried wolf

Tom Winnifrith Monday 14 November 2016


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Like most millionaire luvvies Sir Patrick Stewart, as the sanctimonious old bastard likes to be known, is a diehard liberal, embracing every lost cause and muddle headed daft idea with an enthusiasm that only someone who can afford to pay lots of tax can muster. And thus it is no shock that he was cheering for Crooked Hillary in the US election right up to the moment that the smelly little people voted the other way. Now, like all the other celebs he thinks we care about what he says about the result: "Donald Trump is probably one of the very worst things to happen to our World in the last 100 years." Er hang on...

I thought the holocaust was a lot worse. The genocide in Cambodia under Pol Pot was awful as was that in Rwanda. Aids was a bad thing too and Apartheid was really bad news. Stalin murdering 20 million of his fellow Russians was a really bad thing and the bloodshed that followed partition in 1948 was appalling. ISIS - it is indeed bad news and the famines that plague Africa are terrible.

Does Sir Patrick think that Donald Trump, who has not even started as President, can already be described as being anywhere near to being as bad as any of the above? Really? Maybe he just things that starring in TV shows can be seen as a true war crime. In which case surely Graham Norton has to be up there as well, somewhere between Stalin's Genocide and that of Pol Pot?

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