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169 days ago

That the BBC even asks this question shows how morally bankrupt it has become - Stalin was reponsible for 20 million deaths

Okay we can argue the toss on how many deaths Stalin was responsible for. Some apologists say that in the years 1924 to 1939 it is ONLY 3.5 million. I suspect that the 20 million number is rather too high but whatever the actual number it surely puts him in a podium position in the all time genocidal dictators contest. Yes the part of the BBC responsible for educating our kids thinks there is another way of looking at Comrade Stalin,the bull case for Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili. That the BBC even asks the question below is yet another reason why so many of us find paying our license such an appalling idea.


704 days ago

Northwestern California Law School - welcome to 1984, to Stalin's Russia to Mao's Cultural Revolution to life on a campus in the US or UK in 2020

The screenshot below, from an online faculty meeting at what you might have thought a decent university, says it all. Welcome to the Marxist Madrassas of 2020 where you must admit to, and confess to, thought crime in a mass ritual. Then you can leave Room 101. Once upon a time, academics celebrated freedom of thought. But that was in the days before history was rewritten, and before the clocks chimed thirteen.



1558 days ago

May Day, Workers Day, the Useful idiots marching sure ain't workers but are truly ignorant of history

As part of my life as an evil capitalist I risked my capital to buy a failing restaurant, worked 70 hour weeks, turned it round so saved a number of jobs. What a fucking bastard I am. How fucking selfish can you be? That restaurant was in Clerkenwell and every May Day the annual Workers March would pass by my front window leaving me gawping in amazement. For starters there were almost no members of the indigenous working class present. Instead the ranks of Kurdish Communists and the oppressed of sun Saharan Africa were swollen by thousands of members of the middle classes. 


1978 days ago

Daddy of Islington teenager gets all the answers wrong on International Women's Day

My nearly 16 daughter called in last night from Islington where I am sure that the Ministry of Truth has ensured that everyone knows that March the 8th is International Womens's Day. Out here in the unfashionable suburbs of a provincial City where I live the Ministry holds no sway and we plebs get on with real life. But my daughter is from more enlightened places and so asks "what are you doing to mark International Wimmins day?" My first wrong answer is "when is it?"


2092 days ago

Sir Patrick Stewart on Donald Trump - the luvvie who cried wolf

Like most millionaire luvvies Sir Patrick Stewart, as the sanctimonious old bastard likes to be known, is a diehard liberal, embracing every lost cause and muddle headed daft idea with an enthusiasm that only someone who can afford to pay lots of tax can muster. And thus it is no shock that he was cheering for Crooked Hillary in the US election right up to the moment that the smelly little people voted the other way. Now, like all the other celebs he thinks we care about what he says about the result: "Donald Trump is probably one of the very worst things to happen to our World in the last 100 years." Er hang on...