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Evil bastard Fidel Castro is dead: how the liberal media and British left mourn their hero

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 26 November 2016

When Lady Thatcher died many on the left could not hide their delight. The BBC and the liberal media went out of their way to cover street parties by sick individuals celebrating the demise of a fellow human being. The liberal media failed to show the widespread sense of loss many of us felt. Maggie had made ordinary Briton's far better off, turned a country that had been bankrupt in 1976 into an economic powerhouse, had restored a sense of national pride but left wing intellectuals and the liberal media did not care about such things. It just hated her all the more. And in doing so it showed how out of touch they were then, as they are now, with how ordinary men and women actually feel.

And so today the evil bastard Fidel Castro of Cuba has died. His country was a prosperous place before he seized power. But it has been a poor place ever since. GDP per person in Cuba in 1970 - there is no older data - was $653.233 - by 2013 ( the last data) it was $6,789.85. No doubt the left will argue that this shows what a success Fidel was but of course they fail to take account of inflation.

Just look at the same GDP per person data over the same period for countries in the same region. Costa Rica $532.665 to $10,461.578, Mexico $683.102 to $10,197.445. And it goes on an on. Castro's rule inflicted grinding poverty on his people, their purchasing power diminishing year on year as across the region others prospered.

And it was rule enforced with terror and oppression. It was terror, and thus death, he also endeavoured to export, wasting what resources Cuba had on sending her young men to die in foreign fields to support a global revolution that nobody wanted.

Not surprisingly vast numbers of Cubans fled every year to America, rising their lives on rubber boats or whatever might float in the search of freedom, liberty and a chance to work hard for a decent standard of living.

That is the true legacy of this evil bastard.

I celebrate the death of no-one as we are all humans. However, the Guardian is this morning praising a "statesman." No doubt Comrade Corbyn is weaping into his muesli. Again the liberal elite and left wing intellectuals, an affluent class for whom there is no JAM existence, will be shown not to care in the slightest about oppressive poverty inflicted on poor people. For the elites and the state funded establishment of the public sector white collar classes, ideological dogma trumps all.

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