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Toff Bashing by the Daily Mail in a "post fact" era

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 2 December 2016

There is nothing wrong with a bit of toff bashing now and again. The sorrow of seeing an airhead Lib Dem win the Richmond Park by-election was softened by the fact that the defeated, sort of, Tory was the slippery posh Cameron type twit Zac Goldsmith. But even in what is deemed a "post-fact era" it helps to er..get your facts right when lambasting those born with silver spoons emerging from every orifice.

The Daily Mail City pages on Tuesday spashed with the storyu of how toff Luke Bridgeman who is heir to the title Viscount Bridgeman is being sued for £15 million in a battle with his former hedge fund employer. A pox on both of them say I.

But Mail reporter Victoria Ibitoye gets terribly excited because Bridgeman is a pal of former chancellor George Osborne stating " Bridgeman, who was a member of the infamous Bullingdon Club at Eton along with the former chancellor" and has a pic of the two men in the ridiculous Bullingdon garb to prove it.

But as it happens it is unlikely that the two were school friends as Osborne actually went to St Paul's not Eton. And the Bullingdon Club is at Oxford University not Eton. Thirty seconds on google would have helped Victoria avoid such silly errors.

Toff bashing is, like fox hunting, a perfectly fair sport as far as I am concerned but surely facts matter a little bit don't they?

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