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The Call Me Dave sham exposed big time this Christmas

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 25 December 2016

David Cameron's rich, tax-dodging, stockbroker father paid for him to go to Eton from where he went to Oxford. One proper job ( well sort of) was arranged for young David after Oxford, a stint as the PR man for Carlton Communications. Then he started to climb the greasy pole. With a Mrs who was even more minted by dint of inherited wealth, the Camerons were clearly in the 1% not the 99% and never had to worry about money.

Yet when Mr Cameron became leader of the Tories there was a great effort made to show that he was "one of us". Call Me Dave was a lifelong supporter of West Villa United, because he loved the "people's game". He was photographed drinking pints of beer. Of course, that is what the "ordinary man" drinks does he not. Poor Sam Cam was dragged on summer holidays to cold British beaches where she and Dave were photographed holding an ice cream and pretending that this is what they had always done. If they holidayed abroad they, very publicly, flew Easyjet to somewhere in Europe. In these times of austerity Dave was showing that "we were all in it together". Of course he was not but let's all pretend.

I have always thought Cameron a gutless man devoid of principle. From his first days as Tory leader when he went to the North Pole to show he cared about global warming it was obvious that Dave was in it to win rather than to change Britain in a way ordinary Tories wanted.His behaviour over the EU in his final year showed him to be devoid of integrity and a man who could not be trusted about anything. Call Me Dave became slippery Dave.

But now Dave is no longer PM or indeed, despite saying he would stay on, is he an MP. And thus the pretence is gone. Whilst Theresa May has to pretend that she, a 1%-er, cares about the 99% and that "we are all in it together" for Mr Cameron it is back to normal. So David and family are spending Christmas in Antigua having flown there first class. There is now no need for David to pretend that he is anything other than stinking rich. He can holiday abroad, fly first class, watch rugby not the plebs game and the take another holiday without having to worry about how much he is contributing to carbon emissions.

That Call Me Dave was all pretence is no shock to me. As readers of this website know, I have had him down as a gutless creep from day 1. But it seems some are surprised. Do I worry that we had a chancer as a PM? No I expect nothing else. After Lady Thatcher all our PMs have been chancers or just disastrous non-entities. It is rather sad that to win elections those with wealth and privilege have to pretend otherwise. MacMillan or Alec Douglas Hume were not forced into such a show. But times have changed. Toff is not the new black.

And in that sense I do not blame Cameron for his pretence. Nor does it alter my view of him. I despised him already and for so many things. I despise him still.

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