Greek Hovel Update: the Mrs goes to Birmingham, I enjoy a large glass of wine with breakfast

Tom Winnifrith Wednesday 11 January 2017


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The Mrs has a new best friend, the Greek consul in Birmingham. Once again she is trekking her way up to the frozen grim Northern post industrial wastelands in order to get more official forms stamped. Such is life in Greece. There are rules governing everything and always forms to fill in. Native bubbles rarely bother with many of them but some, such as this latest one which allows us to submit a building permit for the Greek Hovel cannot be avoided. Hence the trip to Birmingham.

After the Consul stamps our papers we can apply for the final permit needed to start work. We are told it will take three months so shall we call that six? With its booming economy, officials in Greece are under a lot of pressure don't you know?

Welcome to the first law of Greekeconomics: Unneeded regulation will always be created to provide public sector jobs. These are needed because the regulation kills off enterprise so creating unemployment.

It is the sort of madness that Jeremy Corbyn could well sign up to but the result is the mess that Greece finds itself in today. We can blame the EU and the Euro and the banksters and indeed all are to blame. But the inherent problem of Greece has always been a bloated and corrupt State supported by the entire political class.

While the Mrs heads off to the welfare safaris I find myself looking after baby Joshua and have done as suggested, taking him for a walk to what the Mrs terms her office, the Grounded Cafe. In this sleepy place the full menu does not start until four.

And thus at 2 PM I am on the breakfast menu, enjoying a full English with a glass of wine. Though I am oft accused of being a drunk this is, I think, the first time I have enjoyed alcohol with breakfast and is also my first booze since last week as enjoy an almost dry existence these days. Joshua - as is his wont - after a walk - sleeps soundly. For now.

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