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Putting Guardian reading fuckwits at the Bristol Watershed right on Donald Trump...

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 30 January 2017

I have noted before how the Guardianista cinema of choice for Bristol's pious liberal middle classes is the Watershed which encourages its devotees to comment on the films being watched by pinning post-its to a board. This brings out the worst in me.

Jackie, the story of JFK's widow, is one film showing right now. And thus one of the so much better than the plebs intellectual elite had posted "How sad that in 50 years the American Presidency goes from Camelot to Spamalot".

You are so fucking funny original and incisive are you not Mr Guardian reading tosser? Thus perhaps the only Donald Trump supporter ever to set foot inside the Watershed grabbed a post it and noted words to the effect of:

The hypocrisy of the liberal Elite. One President sleeps with half the women in DC and is a praised, another just talks about it and is pilloried. One almost starts World War three and is a hero while one tries to bring peace by talking to the Russians and is a zero. Go figure.

Given the commitment of the left to free speech my guess is that mt post it will have been removed within hours.

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