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Fake news maestro Matt Frei of C4 gets to nail that black Trump supporting vicar for backing racism again

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 31 January 2017

One of the highlights of the US presidential campaign for those of us who really dig fake news from the established liberal media was Matt Frei of C4 News lecturing Trump supporting pastor Mark Burns for supporting Donald Trump. White Frei patronised the poor pastor as only a Guardian reader could do as he explained to him, assisted by a stack of made up alternative facts why he was backing racism.

Pastor Burns countered with facts but over at Channel 4 Fake News they live in a post fact era and Burns was backing racism and that was it. Frei put the darkie in his place by ignoring facts and just repeating the mantra that Trump is a racist. That showed him did it not? Boy the whole C4 team must have creamed themselves with that interview.

The good pastor is obviously a glutton for punishment as he has come over to Britain for a holiday and found himself face to face with little Frei again.

Joining Frei and Burns was Mhari Black the rather stupid SNP loudmouth MP. Poor Burns tried to talk facts, pointing out this was not a Muslim ban, noting that the vast majority of Muslims are not banned he was just targeting seven nations infested with terrorists. He also pointed out that Carter and Obama had imposed similar bans to no liberal howls of protest.

The gobshite money tree worshipping MP and little Frei interrupted repeatedly insisting that Trump was a racist, islamophobe, etc etc. Burns said he was a black man from Southern USA and new full well what racism was. Mhairi said that he was just being naive. Too right, dem der Niggers just don't know what racism is, they should listen to the white scottish lady and learn the facts of life.

When the MP interrupted Burns, Frei allowed her to shout over him. When the pastor tried to respond to smears that is to say vile opinions presented as facts, Frei told the darkie to let Mhari finish. Know your place boy!

Over on the Channel 4 News website the text on this interview is misleading. It states in bold at the start:

One of the MPs taking part in tonight’s demonstration, Mhari Black from the SNP, and Mark Burns, a evangelical pastor who has been vocal in his support of Trump in the past.

That makes it appear that Burns may be thinking again after what the Donald has done. But he is not. He backs POTUS all the way. Burns is STILL vocal in his support.

Frei reminded the Pastor that 1.5 million folks had signed a petition saying the Donald should not have a state visit here. Okay most of them are bots or not British but this is Channel 4 Fake News. It lives in a post fact era. And don't let any upstart darkie from the cotton fields tell it otherwise.

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