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Daddy couldn't you find Mike the Vlach on the internet?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 10 February 2017

So asks a daughter of the 21st century.The answer is that I could discover whether my father's oldest Greek friend is alive and make contact via the interwebby thing.

I tracked down a long lost cousin of my father's who had feuded with the family. He is a Mason living in Lancashire and we chatted very amicably. I managed to make contact with my father's American cousins, the offspring of the actress Anna Lee and now swap emails with cousin Jeff Byron, the man who gave Tatum O'Neill her first on screen kiss.. And I tracked down and met up with Pete Bowen, now living in Crete and one of the very few folks from the University of Warwick my father actually liked. I track down all sorts of folks as part of my job. Retired dentists once living in Denver or bitter ex wives who want to rat on fraudster husbands. No problem.

But that would not be as much fun as trekking up to the Pindus Mountains of Greece in the snow and wandering to the village of Anelion to struggle with minimal Greek, even less Vlach and a bit of rusty German. I think I remember where Mike's house was. I have no idea what I shall say. But that makes it more of an adventure does it not?

I do hope he lives. An overweight drinking smoker last time we met fifteen years ago and who must be seventy if he is alive I guess it is an evens bet. He was fit and thin as a young man so that must improve the odds as will him having lived on a traditional country diet. But I reckon it is an evens bet. Fingers crossed.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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