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Photo Article: Islington in Europe - the 1% elitists still don't get democracy

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 26 March 2017

The photo below says it all. A bunch of middle class folks who will all be in the top decile of earners (if not higher) sit together drinking cheeky little reds in a multi million pound house in Islington preparing to march with their fellow Guardian reading elitists who "know so much better than the plebs"against Brexit and making some home made placards. They are from the group Islington IN Europe whose self important democracy denying and patronisng rantings I have covered previously HERE. The best placard?

From the folks who were among the 48% not the 52% a demand for "democracy not hypocrisy." In second place is "I am not leaving." Hmmmmmmm bad news for the silly witch holding that: "darling I am afraid that the votes of all those nasty old working class folks and white van drivers who voted to quit count for exactly the same those of as pampered Islington Guardian readers - in two years time we are ALL leaving."

It is called democracy and some folks should just accept that a democratic mandate trumps a tyranny of the minority any day.

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