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Diary of a Diabetic Day 12 - 9 point ffing three!

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 15 April 2017

I wake up in Copenhagen after a night at the WakeUp Hotel which is the Ryanair of Danish hotels. That is to say, it tried to nickel and dime you at every chance. The place is literally on the wrong side of the tracks - that is to say the view from the small window of my smaller room (cost £152) is of the railway tracks. Everything is on top. Breakfast, coffee, I am almost expecting to face a surcharge for using the loo in my tint bathroom or for having pulled the curtains shut last night. If I want my boarding pass printed off at reception it will be an extra £8. Bastards. If Michael O'Leary did hotels...

But nothing can dampen my spirits because tonight I shall be preparing to celebrate Easter in Greece - for once the Orthodox festivities fall on the same day as those in the errant West. As importantly, my bloods this morning came in at just 9.3 - the lowest since I started measuring them almost two weeks ago when they were 15.3.

I suspect that it was down in part to a day of carrying heavy bags around the streets of Copenhagen from where I dropped the car off to the wrong side of the tracks. That must have burned a few calories. In part it was also a meagre travelling diet which consisted largely of oranges and rye bread. My body was shocked into that reading.

You might think that at this rate I shall be down below 5 before the month is out and be ready to go back to work. I fear not. Firstly this is a morning reading before I have enjoyed any food. Your first thing bloods are always lower than your evening bloods. And secondly I am on heavy sugar busting medication. I can only start to think of relaxing when I am consistently below five without drugs. And that is many months away. But the trend is my friend. And another thing....

My trousers are starting to fall down.

That is to say I am losing a few pounds. Oddly that can be a sign of type 2 diabetes being out of control - you eat like a horse and lose weight. But I am not eating like a horse and am losing weight which is, I suspect, simply because i am burning more calories than I take in. Despite the aggravation offered by the WakeUp Hotel, I start the weekend in a good mood.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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