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EU's house drunk Juncker can bugger off - his leaks are Mrs May's best present since Jeremy Corbyn

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 1 May 2017

The drunken career politician and all round poltroon Jean-Claude Juncker, aka the President of the Evil Empire, is the source of a leak of a meeting he had with PM Theresa May. He aims to embarrass her - in fact his leak, and the ludicrous demands made by EU leaders for pre-divorce Brexit negotiations, are Mrs's May's best presents since Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as leader of the Labour Party.

The EU's demands are rather like the nightmarish demands one fears when entering a divorce court with a greedy ex wife. She wants to have a say in managing the cat you brought into the marriage (Gibraltar) and vast sums to pay for things for her from which you will derive no benefit. Until you agree to that there is no chance of discussing matters such as access to the kids. The demands of the EU are obviously unreasonable and the British people know that.

Now the drunk Juncker says that Mrs May is deluded and must agree to all his demands. Au contraire. The UK has the whip hand. We import more from the Evil Emppire than we export to it. If the politicians of the EU go ahead and start a tariff based trade war the big losers will be their own people. Jack up the price of French, Spanish and Italian wines entering Britain and Brits will happily switch to the fine produce of New Zealnd, Chile, the US and South Africa, not to mention our own superb wines. So French cheese costs more? Fine. I'm happy with Somerset Brie aren't you?

The people of Europe will be the big losers from such a trade war and that will make them hate the EU political class with even more intensity for the people of Europe as opposed to its corrupt political class, see no need to punish the Brits for Brexit.

Moreover the EU is an economic zombie - the big growth markets for UK exporters lie elsewhere. Ultimately the EU leaders know that and so if Mrs May's red line is that "no deal is better than a bad deal" it is they not her who will be forced to compromise in the end. It may take years for the message to sink in but it will.

Every time the EU behaves like that greedy ex wife the British people will hate it more and will be more likely to vote Tory on June 8. That the oafish drunk Juncker thinks that his silly smears strengthen his hand is just another sign of how out of touch he is.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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