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1066 days ago

Which single act makes me despise Theresa May the most? Asia Bibi’s betrayal must be up there

As every day goes by I find myself despising our wretched Prime Minister Theresa May even more. I apologise to one and all for having voted for her party at the last election. However awful the alternative is, and it is truly ghastly at every level, I shall not be repeating my mistake next time. It would take all day to list the acts or omissions which make me despise her. The complete betrayal of Ulster is a matter close to my black Protestant heart and the even more complete sell out of Gibraltar makes me unspeakably angry.


1639 days ago

EU's house drunk Juncker can bugger off - his leaks are Mrs May's best present since Jeremy Corbyn

The drunken career politician and all round poltroon Jean-Claude Juncker, aka the President of the Evil Empire, is the source of a leak of a meeting he had with PM Theresa May. He aims to embarrass her - in fact his leak, and the ludicrous demands made by EU leaders for pre-divorce Brexit negotiations, are Mrs's May's best presents since Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as leader of the Labour Party.


1694 days ago

Bloody Martin McGuinness: heading rapidly towards death - can I say that I am sorry?

It appears that the health of Martin McGuinness, the former commander of the IRA in Londonderry or, as he prefers to be known, former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, is deteriorating fast. His date with the grim reaper is almost upon him. Can I honestly say that i am sorry about this?


2902 days ago

EU backs Spain over Gibraltar - what total tossers: buy the T-shirts

If you were not short of reasons to leave the Evil Empire…here is another one. There is little doubt that the good folks of Gibraltar want to remain British. But bankrupt Spain has other ideas and has been turning up the heat on this issue with ludicrous border restrictions. And whose side is the EU on? Obviously..

The EU commission today states that it

has not found evidence to conclude that checks on persons and goods as operated by the Spanish authorities at the crossing point of La Linea de la Conception have infringted the relevant provisions of Union law.”

What the fuck? But it gets worse. The EU has decided that if anyone is doing anything wrong it is the wicked British and is demanding that we:

develop risk based profiling (in particular Gibraltar should ensure non-systematic and risk analysis based checks on travellers and their belongings upon exit from Gibraltar, optimising legislationand safeguards in view of contributing to an efficient fight against tobaccosmiuggling; and develop the exchange of intelligence on tobacco smuggling with Spain.”

So what is that about a single market? Jeux sans frontiers, etc.

At one level Sod Off Spain. At another It’s Time to Leave (the EU).  You can buy splendid T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc making both points only at my online store HERE


2981 days ago

Maribelle from Real Man & Spain models our Sod off Spain T-shirt

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Maribelle our senior waitress is from Spain but has worked in Gibraltar and is a right-thinking sort of bird and so was keen to model the new Sod Off Spain T-shirt which arrived at Real Man in Clerkenwell today.

You can show your support for our countrymen in Gibraltar by wearing your own shirt, which can be bought here.



2997 days ago

NEW Today: Show your support for Gibraltar with Sod Off Spain T-shirt, mug, hoodie range

It seems that the Argies are not the only Spanish speaking folks with a train wreck of an economy who don’t give a flying wotsit about self-determination. This may not play well with any Spanish readers of this website but the folks in Gibraltar are British and want to stay British and so they should stay British.

I explained my anger at both the Spanish and the home grown deluded lefties who wish to betray our countrymen in a video postcard this weekend which you can watch here.

Now I have launched my brand new T-shirt, mug and hoodie range: Sod Off Spain! With the logo you can see below

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You can order your merchandise in my online store here

What better outfit could you sport if you are heading off to the Cost del Crime for a summer break?

The Sod off Spain range is in ideal compliment to the Piss off Argentina range which sports the logo below

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2998 days ago

Video Postcard Number #43 – Gibraltar, the Evil Empire, Ted Heath edition

Recorded today I let rip on the subject of Spain & Gibraltar. The sabre rattling by our bankrupt EU comrades sums up all that is wrong with the Evil Empire. My discussion covers fishing tights, the lies of Ted Heath and the issue of self-determination as well as the drivel spouted by deluded lefties on this matter.

My financial video postcard this week covers the looming UK housing bubble, is now up on and can be viewed here