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Which single act makes me despise Theresa May the most? Asia Bibi’s betrayal must be up there

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 25 November 2018

As every day goes by I find myself despising our wretched Prime Minister Theresa May even more. I apologise to one and all for having voted for her party at the last election. However awful the alternative is, and it is truly ghastly at every level, I shall not be repeating my mistake next time. It would take all day to list the acts or omissions which make me despise her. The complete betrayal of Ulster is a matter close to my black Protestant heart and the even more complete sell out of Gibraltar makes me unspeakably angry.

But, on reflection, it is the betrayal of Asia Bibi that must rank is May’s most despicable act or omission.  Bibi is a Pakistani Christian who drunk water from a rusty old mug by a village well. Her Muslim neighbours said she was “unclean” because she was a Christian, should not have used a mug used by Muslims and should convert at once. She refused. Reportedly she said “I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind? And why should it be me that converts instead of you.”

For this, in 2010, she was sentenced to death. A couple of months ago she was released and the case is being reviewed. Mobs have marched in Pakistan demanding she be hung. There is a bounty on her head offered up by a leading Islamist cleric. Poor Bibi moves from safe house to safe house knowing her life is in danger.

Pakistan was once under British rule. This woman is being persecuted for a faith we, nominally, share with her. Those beastly so called extremists who run Italy and Holland have offered her asylum but the country which surely has a greater obligation than any to offer Bibi sanctuary is the United Kingdom. But Mrs May, who makes such great play on her Christian upbringing and values, has done nothing. 

This is, I think her most despicable act. But perhaps I have missed out another act or ommission from the wretched May which will help cement her position as Britain’s worst ever Prime Minister.  

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