Urgent: Theresa May doesn’t want you to vote: another lie from liberal online virtue-signallers Avaaz

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 23 May 2017


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I have flagged up before how online liberal virtue signallers Avgaaz claim credit for winning every electoral contest whether they actually back the winner (Macron) or in fact back the losing side (Clinton/Remain) and also operate in the post fact era. Avaaz is always on the right side and always tells lies in its emails. And so yesterday it sent out this classic:

Theresa May doesn’t want you to vote

Theresa May called this election to try to turn Britain into a virtual one-party state -- and 7 million of us who could stop her aren’t even registered to vote!

The deadline to register is 11:59pm tonight. Avaaz has 1.7 million members across Britain, and together we can double the number of last minute registrations so more of our voices are heard in this crucial election.

A low turnout will help the Tories win a landslide -- so getting people signed up today is the best way to stop it!


Is there any evidence that Mrs May, for all her faults, has actually worked to ensure folks do not vote? Just because 7 million Brits are too lazy to register or - with some justification - despise the entire political class so do not want to be part of the process, can Avaaz show that is part of a wicked Tory plot?

Of course Mrs May wants the Tories to win as many seats as possible. So does Mr Corbyn, it is just that folks are not woed by the old IRA loving communist. Mr Blair did get a landslide win for Labour in 1997 just as that Mr Attlee achieved in 1945 for Labour but I would not expect Millennial Snowflakes to be aware of what they must regard as ancient history. The point is that neither Mr Blair or Mr Attlee wished to turn Britain into a virtual one party state. And neither doies Mrs May.

Poor Mrs May has been taunted by Labour and folks like Avaaz for having no mandate. Now she goes out to get one and looks like she might win by a good margin and she is accused of wanting to achieve totalitarian rule.

The problem with Avaaz is that it tells such total lies that when - on occasion - it is actually on the right side no-one actually believes it.

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