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Online virtue signallers at Avaaz tell me to vote Labour tactically in Bristol East but they can't add up

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 17 May 2017

Online virtue signalling liberal pests Avaaz claimed credit for Macron's victory but said they were robbed by the Trump triumph. That was really a win for them too. Now the virtue signallers are going for a hat-trick of wins and have turned their attemntion to the British Election where threy plan to stop the wicked Tories. Indeed they have contacted me about my vote in Bristol East. Sadly their maths makes those of Dianne Abbott look like Einstein. The snowflakes write:

Dear Avaazers in and around Bristol East,

Avaaz's UK team has a killer plan to stop Theresa May winning a landslide, ushering in hard Brexit, dismantling our NHS, and destroying our democracy -- but it's going to take all of us.  The Tories are going all out to get their MP into Bristol East, and amazingly they could have a chance if votes are split across opposition parties! But if we can help encourage all Labour voters and those who could vote Green or Lib Dem to get behind Kerry McCarthy, we can beat them.

We've only got just over three weeks to make sure the candidates who are our values, and have the strongest chance of stopping the Tory landslide. Click to join an event this Wednesday evening, meet other Avaazers and find out more:

Avaaz has 1.7 million members in the UK, that's nearly twice the size of the LibDems, Labour and the Greens combined. And we've mapped out the marginal seats where we could beat the Tories if we unleash our power -- getting volunteers out, running hard hitting ads, and firmly backing the strongest opposing candidates to win.

Most people across the country don't want the Conservatives to dominate our Parliament, but because the opposition is so split, pundits say May could easily win a massive majority. This election is bigger than party politics -- we all need to work together if we're going to defend our democracy and hold the next government to account. Labour can defend Bristol East against the Tories, but they need all of our help to do it.

If we all give just a few hours of our time between now and the election, it could transform the result. Avaazers in France have just done the same to help beat Le Pen's hate -- now it's Britain's turn!

With hope and determination,

Alex W, Bert, Antonia, Fatima, Alex E, Mike and the whole Avaaz team


This is all a lie. I will be voting Tory in Bristol East even though Tory candidate Theo is a drippy centrist who seems afraid to admit to having a shred of conservative DNA in her. She is a remoaner to boot. But faux Tory Theo is going to win becuase Avaaz has got its maths wrong. Not only dies it lie about the wicked Tories threatening democracy and the NHS and eating babies and about how it won the French election for Macron, Avaaz cannot add up.
Last time the vote was approximately:

Labour 18,000, Tory 14,000, UKIP 7,500, Lib Dem bugger all.

This time there is no UKIP candidate and a Green is standing. But even if the Green gets no votes and all of the Lib Dems from last time vote Labour and the Labour vote holds solid, the UKIP votes will go overwhelmingly Tory and Avaaz and Labour will be defeated.

In fact all polls sugest that Labour votes will leak away three ways: Lib, Green and straight to the accursed Tories. And that means that Theo will romp home with a majority of at least 3,500. It could well be more. If hoards of snowflakes stop tweeting and do actually  hit the streets of working class Bristol East to lecture my neighbours about critical Avaaz issues like Global Warming, LGBT rights, stopping Brexit and planting more money trees, the reaction will be all too predictable: more votes for drippy Theo.

More tears before bedtime for the innumerate snowflake liars at Avaaz.

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