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Katie Hopkins fired - Tim Allen fired - when will a left wing gobshite get fired?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 27 May 2017

Radio station LBC yesterday fired right wing loudmouth Katie Hopkins. I don't agree with a lot of what the Daily Mail columnist says but quite a few folks do. She is outspoken and a hate figure for the free speech hating intolerant liberal left. Over in the US comedian Tim Allen saw his long running hit show Home Improvement canned two weeks ago by ABC. Other less popular shows have not been axed. But then Tim is that rarity from Hollywood, a Republican and a Trump supporter to boot. Hollywood rejoiced at Tim's downfall.

There are many on the left whose views and comments are offensive to many of us but the liberal media elites will never ever fire a left wing gobshite. I find Brendan Cox the man who was married to the late Labour MP Joe Cox lecturing we Brexit supporters about how we are thick racists with blood on our hands pretty offensive but these days he practically lives in TV studios. I find protesters who hold up banners showing a star of David with a swastika in its centre, very ofensive. That C4 Fake news reporter Assad Baig who described his fellow British Moslems as "Uncle Toms" is offensive.

But the best way to show that Baig is a horrible extremist with a range of vile views is to keep him on air. it exposes him and exposes his views. If various hate preachers and ex Lib Dem MP David "the Jews" Ward want to compare Israel to the Nazis go ahead. It shows them up for the awful people they are. We on the right believe in free speech, it is increasingly clear that many on the left would rather silence those with whom they disagree than debate them. In doing so they lose the argument by default.

Katie Hopkins will not be silenced. I advise her to set up her own website with a pay to hear podcast. She would soon be making far more than she made at LBC and would be free to say exactly what she thought. That is the power of the internet. Folks do not need established media to offer a platform. And moreover if you have pulling power as Hopkins does why should you not enjoy all the financial upside. At LBC Katie pulled in the listeners other broadcastsers failed to do. Her pulling power and the revenies that generated subsidised those who said very little of interest.

Five years ago I involuntarily left a company that censored what i wrote. I cannot describe the joy I have felt ever since in having total editorial freedom. And there is a second joy. Running your own show means that if you are a commercial draw you get to see the benefit. My days of my talent subsiding the lazy and the talent free, like the disgusting piece of excrement that is Richard "Gollum" Gill, are over. What a great feeling that is.

Katie should have a look at the business model of Mark Stein and give it a go. I won't be listening as I find Hopkins either dull or offensive or both but I wish her the very best of luck becuase, unlike most of the "tolerant & pious" left, I do actually believe in free speech.

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