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The Jews did not murder 60 people at Grenfell Tower - when will Mayor Khan & the liberal left stop condoning blood libel?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 19 June 2017

Jew haters rarely use the word Jew when making their despicable claims and demands. A hundred years ago the word Hebrew was used to describe a Jew. My maternal grandmother, in most ways a terribly progressive and tolerant lady had a blind spot here and would talk of "the chosen people," her words laced with Irony. These days the words Jew and Israeli are often used interchangeably. Since we are told repeatedly how evil Israel is, so too must be the Jews. But the current word to use is Zionist. When a Jew hater refers to a zionist he is not describing someone who supports the state of Israel's right to exist, he is talking about a Jew. And that brings us to yesterday's Al Quds Day march in London.

To wild applause a speaker stood up and said that those responsible for the tragic deaths at Grenfell Towers were "Zionist Corporations." This was not a slip of the tongue. He repeated this to more wild applause. Did anyone there seriously think that this meant that some of the firms who may or may not be responsible for the deaths were giving money to promote the Israeli state? Of course not. The narative year was that innocent blood - quite a bit of it Muslim - had been spilled because of money grabbing Jews. The link is clear, Jews, love of money, blood.

This is a core theme of Jew hatred throughout the centuries and here we saw it in full view in a march, sanctioned by London's hapless Mayor Sadiq Khan and attended by several bien pensants of the liberal left establishment, through the streets of our capital.

Elsewhere on the march we saw banners for terrorist organisations that have murdered hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians. Banner after banner talked of Israeli genocide - a term which as I explained in detail here is an abuse of the word genocide, it debases genocide.

The marchers shouted "from the River to the sea, Palestine will be free". It is a chant popular on campuses across the West shouted by folks unaware that there has never been a Palestinian state on those lands. But they want one. They do not seek a two state solution to the problems of the region, as all rational people might do but a one state solution. They want the land mandated by the UN to be Israel from the river Jordan to the Med to be part of a Palestinian state. And in there dreams what happens to the Jews of Israel? To misquote Cromwell on Ireland it would be a choice of "Hell or the sea."

After the awful events overnight at Finsbury Park Mosque there are calls, once again, for love not hate. Those calls should have been made yesterday as well but very few on the liberal left uttered a word in protest at this shameless mass display of Jew hatred. Why not?

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