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Alive but not kicking

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 2 July 2017

Until ten minutes ago the the Mrs clearly thought that I am a wimp and that man flu is a made up disease by those trying to evade nappie changing. Au contraire.

I walked home from the Stingrays gig last night. It was about a mile and a half and up hill. By the time I arrived back at the front door it was raining, albeit gently. I climbed the stairs, fell into bed and collapsed.

I think I was up and heading to the loo about four times during the night. On one occassion I returned to bed covered myself with a duvet and a shiver went right up my body. I was shaking. Today I have been useless. Even my three legged cat Oakley looks active in comparison. Just walking up the stairs is hard, my legs ache with every step.

The Mrs smiled but I knew she did not believe me when I suggested that I have picked up a cold from young Joshua. That was until about ten minutes ago when she said she felt all bunged up and her legs were aching and retreated to bed herself with a lemsip. Women can get man flue too. It's all Joshua's fault. We are agreed.

At 7 PM today I switched on my PC for the first time to approve articles by others. Nothing from me today and the laptop will be switched off shortly. It is a day when I really can't be arsed to do anything.

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