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Am I wicked in looking forward to the death of the White Widow, the British ISIS bitch Sally Jones?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 3 August 2017

I have written before about how I do not celebrate the death of anyone, not even a bloody murderer like the IRA's Martin McGuinness. But are there some folk whose demise really should be celebrated. I think of Sally Jones, a graduate of SOAS who lived her entire life on benefits in Britain before marrying a home grown jihadi and eloping to Raqqa where she has been a key recruiter for ISIS.

Now that things are looking a tad bleak for ISIS it appears that Sally, dubbed the White Widow, wants to come back to Britain. Gone are the days when she boasted of wanting to slit open Christian throats or worked on planning mass bombings in Blighty. Sally wants to come back to Benefits Street.

Oh sweet irony. When fleeing to Raqqa she took her son with her and brainwashed him into becoming an ISIS killer. He has appeared on video cutting the throat of a captured Kurd. That was a couple of years ago when he was ten. Now twelve he is so committed to the Caliphate that he wants to fight and die and so he will not let his old mum leave. Oh what irony, what blissful irony. Given that Sally is near the top of the US "kill list" the outlook for this family looks grim.

So when they do get six footed, only to find that there are no 72 virgins waiting to honour and pleasure them, are we allowed to celebrate this loss of human life? It is hard to see how the world is going to be worse off with Sally and her delightful son blown to pieces. Indeed their demise will almost certainly make the world a safer place? And what would Sally and son contribute to Britain if they returned other than two additional benefits claimants and two more folks to keep our security forces busy?

The fact that Sally is clearly perfectly capable of working but has instead spent her entire two decade long adult life sponging off others and seeing nothing wrong in this makes her, at best, a feckless parasite. But it is her ISIS activities that condemn her. And the sheer cheek of assuming that she could return to Britain after all that she has done and that anyone would want her back is almost unbelievable. In a way though she is just a product of 2017 Britain where everyone has "rights" and no-one has duties.

Sally's "human rights" include not having to work, sponging off those who do, brainwashing her kid to become a murderer, planning mass carnage and death.

Whatever. Even in pathetic liberal Britain Sally has probably gone too far. But, if her murdering brat changes his mind and claims to be a child refugee he would have to have a better than evens chance of being allowed back. I am sure Lily Allen would be rooting for him.

Let us hope that there is no change of heart and that Sally and Junior stay out in Raqqa. When the news comes in that Sally and son have been taken out, hopefully in a painful, slow and degrading manner, I will find it impossible to regard this as something which is not to be welcomed. Does that make me evil?

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