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Al Gore's new global warming scare film bombs because the facts show the Nobel Prize was awarded for a lie

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 19 August 2017

The BBC, Channel 4, the Guardian and the rest of the liberal media on both sides of the Atlantic have been gagging to interview Nobel Prize winning former US Vice President Al Gore about his latest film. But at the Box Office, An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power is bombing.  The liberal elitists may love but the great unwashed is turned off. Why? Perhaps it is because Al Gore's net worth has soared to $200 million thanks to his work, jetting across the world to fight man made global warming. Or perhaps it is because the facts show clearly that his first opus magnus, An Inconvenient Truth, was just plain wrong.

You will remember Gore's warnings of how the world was getting warmer thanks to our carbon emissions. The polar bear was his icon. They would die out because of what we were doing. In fact there were 7,000 polar bears left the year Al Gore was born. Today there are only 30,000. And the number is increasing. And guess what the world is not getting warmer as Gore predicted. He explicitly stated we had to act NOW back in 2006 as the change was already afoot. Here we are 11 years on and the graph below tells its own tale.

We plebs, we ordinary deplorables have footed the bill for this mega scam via higher energy prices and taxes. And folks like Al Gore have grown rich at our expense. The media/political groupthink does not dare question this patently bogus "science". The facts are an inconvenient truth that the elites opt to ignore as we foot soldiers pick up the tab. Of course there is one politician who dares to challenge this insanity, Donald Trump. But of course the fake news media insist that, as with his condemnation of desecrating war memorials, POTUS is out of touch and causing outrage.

We, the people, the 99%, know otherwise. That is why, however many glowing write-ups it gets in the Guardian and the New York Times, however many fawning interviews Gore is offered on CNN or the BBC, the new Gore film is proving to be such a box office disaster.

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