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It is not Trump out of touch on Confederate memorials but the fake news liberal media - C4's Kylie Morris smears again

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 18 August 2017

Of all of the liberal media harpies covering the US election, beltway Kylie Morris of Channel 4 fake News was the most openly partisan as I exposed time and again HERE. Her crowning glory was to make up words for Donald Trump to smear him as a racist HERE. Like her fake news colleagues Kylie cannot get over the defeat of crooked Hillary so she fights on, twisting the truth to smear POTUS. The pulling down of Confederate staues and war memorials has been one of her finest hours.

To recap, President Trump condemned such acts. He did not say that they were morally equivalent to the Neo Nazis on the march, he made it clear that the latter were far worse. Trump is not - as the Guardian and BBC have falsely stated - any any way an apologist for the fascists. But he attacks those tearing down memorials to brave men who fought and died with their neighbours to, as they saw it, protect their homelands.

Kylie and her fake news colleagues as well as the liberal luvvies from Hollywood and the metropolitan elites smeared Trump as an apologist for Nazis but also said that there was outrage in America at his comments. The conclusion - it was POTUS that was out of touch.

I found that impossible to believe. Most Americans are good decent folks who would find the real outage being the desecration of a war memorial to their fellow Americans. And blow me down with a feather, polls out yesterday showed that I was right. A YouGov poll showed that of those with an opinion 39.5% of all Americans approved of taking down a statue of General Robert Lee in North Carolina but 61.5% disapproved. Marist conducted a poll about all Confederate monuments not just the Lee statue and the scores of those with a view were 30.3% for removal and 69.7% for staying up.

Hell's teeth among black voters the split on the latter poll was - among those with a firm view - 52.4% versus 47.6%. By the way that is in favour of keeping the monuments up!

Trump again tweeted that the statues should stay up which prompted Kylie to say that he was a) just playing to the polls and b) risking dividing America.

That is a shocking distortion of the truth. Trump has maintained his consistent position throughout. And it is clear that his stance is one that reflects a clear majority view and an overwhelming majority view in America. The outrage that C4 fake News and the rest of the liberal media has been reporting on for two weeks is not an outrage across America but an outrage of a minority of folks who backed the losing side on November 8 and, unable to accept that it is their party that is out of touch not Trump, just cannot help themselves.

As for the assertion that Trump's comments risk dividing America, how on earth can that be justified in the face of poll numbers which show that, once again, POTUS holds views that reflect those of most Americans, though they may be alien to those in the degenerate liberal media bubble in which Kylie lives.

The liberal media might think that dishonouring brave Americans who died in a horrible war. But however much they bully us into thinking that it their way is the moral way, to anyone with a shred of decency - including it seems 70% of Americans - their views are quite simply loathsome. And the more they and the Dems on Capitol Hill spout such views, the more certain a Trump win in 2020 becomes.

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