Saturday May 26, 2018
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Women only carriages demand folks who want gender neutral loos - its hard being a lefty is it not?

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- Tom Winnifrith

Being a nasty old conservative I find it pretty simple. On the trains we should not segregate by sex or for that matter race or sexuality - we are all in it together in a tolerant progressive society. Except when we go to answer nature's call when chaps go to one place and the ladies to another. Simple eh? But if you are a lefty that does not work. For starters the loos must be gender neutral so that chaps, ladies and the trans community can all hang out together in one big happy inclusive tent.

But then it starts to get complicated for today Labour MP Chris Williamson has reignited a debate started by Comrade Jeremy Corbyn demanding women only train carriages. I am not sure if the lavs in such carriages would be gender neutral but it is so damn complicated being a progressive thinker is it not?

Williamson and Corbyn say women only carriages are needed to tackle rising numbers of sex attacks on trains. I rather suspect that if a chap is prone to indulging in sex attacks but is foiled by being told that all the women are on one "safe space" he will either head straight for it or will opt to attack women off the train in somewhere like the gender neutral platform area, for instance.

Here is an alternative idea to reduce sex attacks. Accept that the state's law enforcement officers are to overstretched to protect its citizens, since the Police have more important things to do like monitoring Katie Hopkins' twitter feed for hate crimes. And thus allow us all to apply for a license to carry a firearm. That, I suggest, would be a real deterrent and would see sex attacks on trains fall sharply. It would also see burglary levels collapse.

And please do not tell me that it would see more violent crime since violent criminals already find no problems in sourcing shooters anyway. It is just we ordinary law abiding citizens that are prevented for from defending ourselves and letting criminals know that there really is the ultimate deterrent being carried by at least some of us.



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