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After ISIS attack 500,000 Spaniards march in Barcelona for peace - you are fools and you fool only yourselves

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 27 August 2017

Back in 2003 Al Qaeda blew up dozens of Spaniards in Madrid demanding that Spain stop attacking poor Muslims in Iraq. The Spanish had a General Election that weekend and the new Government duly caved and pulled its troops out of Iraq. It said " we are not afraid" but caved into the Islamofacists anyway just to be sure.

These days we give guns and money to Al Qaeda in Syria to help it fight ISIS. Just as we used to give guns and money to that Osama Bin Laden chappie and his jolly comrades when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. We never learn do we? And so the new islamofascist bad boys in town are ISIS and it was they who butchered folk in Barcelona the other day.

Last night half a million Spaniards marched through Barcelona underneath banners sating in Spanish "we are not afraid." Really? They are about the only folks in Europe who are not afraid of the growing number of attacks on our civilians by ISIS. The BBC World News channel delighted in its report with its man on the ground standing in front of protesters waving placards saying "No to Islamaphobia".

Right, so that is the root cause of the problem then. We just need to clamp down on anyone who dares to be a touch less than politically correct when it comes to dealing with Muslims and ISIS will stop blowing us all up or mowing us down in the street with rented white vans. Simple. Why didn't we all realise that sooner?

The BBC gimp managed to find a British couple on the march. The woman said she was there to show that "we all stand together" and that will defeat terror. She did not have a lighted candle but I am sure she found one later and did her little bit for global warming, oops I meant to fighting terror with her candle and more standing together.

The sister of one of the killers gave a talk saying that we all needed to work together to defeat this evil in our midst. Right, I've checked out my family members and found none of them are into radical Islam and bomb making so no need for me to report them to the fuzz. Over to you sister. Oh a bit late now. Perhaps if you had thought about this before?

Barcelona is not one jot safer after last night. It is no closer to being at peace with ISIS than it was before. Sure, the 500,000 want peace and at almost any price, but ISIS must just look at them and laugh at how soft they all are.

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