What will my wife be giving me tomorrow? 4th Wedding anniversary looms

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 31 August 2017


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Natch, the same as last year: grief. Of course I jest. The Mrs says that she has a treat lined up for me when we return to the UK. I am more organised and on our fourth anniversary have arranged a real treat for her in Kalamata. It involves olive oil but there is no need to furnish you with the full details. In a way, our bigger celebration, is 15 days later - the first birthday of young Joshua Patrick.

He is developing fast. One of his endearing little tricks is to smile and wave his hand to say goodbye as anyone leaves his presence. Last night the boy would not go to sleep and so for a while he was allowed out of his cot and into his parents' bed. At a certain stage I stood up to attempt to return him to the cot. He sat up smiled and waved goodbye to me from what was now his bed. I had to laugh. Eventually he was persuaded to head back to the cot and for five hours we have all slept peacefully.

But back to the Mrs, a woman who first picked me up at Gatwick airport and on an Easyjet flight that followed. Using the chat up line "have you read this article in the Guardian" she somehow won my heart. Like every marriage there are bumps in the road but come Friday we will both really be celebrating four years of wedded bliss.

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