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64 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - lied to by Barclays, and fleeced by EasyJet

I discuss both these corporates, and remind the 94% of you yet to support Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks: please do so, HERE.  Then, I discuss Stuart Ashman of Skinbiotherapitics (SBTX), who has made me look like a complete git (again), as he withdraws from ShareStock. But, I will announce another BIG-name speaker tomorrow, and will replace Stuart. So, make sure you book your tickets, HERE.  Then, I look at Cellular Goods (CBX) and Guild ESports (GILD), the David Beckham dogs. 


115 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: So tired as I reach the Greek Hovel c/o Easyjet - a few thoughts on Bluebird, Fox and Vast

I am just so tired and, needless to say, the carpenter has not done his work. But snake-repellent canisters have been put out. More on that later. Today, I chat about: EasyJet (EZJ); Fox Marble (FOX); Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV); and Vast Resources (VAST).


209 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Lucian getting hammered by Cineworld et al - does he deserve it?

I start with a few comments on my life as a tree hugging, green, feminist and the issues that presents. Then I comment on Wildcat (WCAT) and its smearing of me in a bonkers statement. I then comment on Versarien (VRS), the Ian Westbrook case and what will cause a share price collapse this year. Then it is on to Cineworld (CINE), the Restaurant Group (RTN) and easyjet (EZJ), three end of covid plays and why they are not all the same. Finally I look at Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) and the latest statement served up by its devoutly Christian boss and why I am not buying into it.


231 days ago

easyJet – a Recovery Buy?

An already widespread virus mutating to what is being seen clinically as “extremely mild cases”. Not bad news then… except in Airstrip One – and a resultant very negative stock market reaction. However government response madness is gradually being revealed and travel and leisure should resultantly gradually recover, though some share prices here remain depressed. Opportunity?…


345 days ago

BREAKING: MyHealthChecked Covid tests now on sale with Lloyds Pharmacy which has 1400 stores why no RNS?

This is massive. Lloyds has 1400 stores across the UK. And as you can sde HERE it is now selling the MyHealthChecked (MHC) covid test. Boots is selling the test from more than 500 stores and that deal plus sales from MyHealthChecked’s own portal managed to drive sales of c£3 million in May and June alone. So gaining this additional distribution (plus that from partnering with EasyJet) is surely highly material. Why no RNS


398 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Another gotcha for the Sheriff - this time it's Bidstack, bailout placing at 2p

In today’s bearcast with myself and Joshua recorded in Metsovo, I comment on MyHealthChecked (MHC), Boots & EasyJet, the blooming Poulden Lenigas bromance, on Zoetic (ZOE) and on Bidstack (BIDS). More ouzo tonight methinks. 


416 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - fighting Easyjet to get all my cash back

I start with four companies to boycott: Octopus Energy, Grolsch, Nivea and Kopparber. Not that it will make any difference. I then battle EasyJet (EZJ) to get my own money back and discuss why i would not own its shares. Then onto Bidstack (BIDS) which will meet payroll next week but will struggle in July, Verditek (VDTK) and finally Westminster Group (WSG) run by sleazy ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of the fraud 3DM infamy. 


444 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: My experience of customer service at Interactive Investor and EasyJet

In both cases it has only added to my blood pressure. I explain what happened, a sense of guilt at how I can, as a journalist, pull strings, and what it says about the companies.


444 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Make money the easyJet way by borrowing my cash without my permission at zero cost.

The good news is that Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks inches closer to target. The bad news is we inch there so if you are yet to donate please do so HERE. In today’s podcast, which will please Matthew and his dog, I discuss Easyjet (EZJ), Amigo (AMGO), Zoetic (ZOE) and the fifth stage of moronism – Trainline (TRN), Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) and Purplebricks (PURP).


740 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: bloody hell even my Red Rock Resources shares are going up on gold's record breaking day

I wonder how Nigel Somerville is celebrating. I wonder how long the gold rally will continue and discuss why Red Rock Resources (RRR) could utterly roof it if it can IPO its Oz gold arm in time. I just need another 25% and I am back at break-even. On an Andrew Bell stock, how many folks can say that? Only kidding Andrew – maybe we are in the right place at the right time? In the podcast, I also look at EasyJet (EZJ), Intercontinental Airlines (IAG) and how the woes of vodka fiend Olaf may be a sign of worse to come for all. I cover [email protected] Capital (SYME) and look at results and the rum ‘n’ coke valuation of Dev Clever (DEV).


773 days ago

easyJet – could its record data breach cost it £18 billion and sink the airline?

It seems that some folks with three brains think that with a £450 million fund raise just completed, the worst is behind it for EasyJet (EZJ). But is it? Might its mega data breach referred to only en passant by the company be enough to sink it?. That spectre is raised by accountingweb today. The maths seem straightforward.


841 days ago

The Corrupt Deadwood Press: The Sunday Times on NMC and backing Easyjet’s board

I have flagged up the corrupt nature of the deadwood press, and the Sunday Times in particular, numerous times on this website. The way it blew off Neil Woodford in return for “scoops” and again and again backs boards, who by dint of underperformance, are quite rightly under fire with dirty attacks on their critics is shameful. Babcock (BAB) is a case in point. Today the paper shows its true colours again with its coverage of NMC Health (NMC) and more especially, and shamefully, of EasyJet (EZJ).


852 days ago

BREAKING: Sir Stelios brands Easyjet board scoundrels, wants CFO fired, says chairman plays "dirty trick" tries for EGM a second time

Easyjet (EZJ) founder and largest shareholder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has hit out at the Easyjet board, terming them scoundrels, and slated Airbus as a bribe giving arms maufacturer in a stinging letter out this morning. As you can see below, he does not mince his words.


854 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: No longer a down and out old man but a throwback to the 1970s & I hate James Hay

Yes, after three weeks, I have shaved off a lockdown beard that was white, grey, black and brown and made me look like an elderly Big Issue seller. But having run out of foam i still have a dark moustache and so am now a throwback to the 1970s. The good old days.  I discuss this and also the idea that we will see a dramatic post Coronavirus economic, stockmarket and oil price recovery. I look at Easyjet (EZJ), Angling Direct (ANG) – using it as a case study of how the economy really is snagged so badly – and at the scandal at Versarien (VRS) where lyin’ Neill Ricketts now stands totally exposed with regards to his share dumping a year ago. Surely the regulators must act now. I discuss how James Hay are m aking my life a misery with their incompetence lover my SIPP transfer.  Finally an appeal from Darren please send your views of your new home desks and the views from your window to [email protected]  


861 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - fake news purveyor Iconic is to tell us what is Coronavirus fake news!

In today’s bearcast  I look at Iconic (ICON) which really does not understand irony. Then at Purplebricks (PURP), self entitled snowflake young barristers, Hammerson (HMSO) and EasyJet (EZJ)


861 days ago

Bombshell letter in full: Sir Stelios wants to sack EasyJet NEDS demands to know if executives took bribes from Airbus

The founder of EasyJet (EZJ) has written to the board demanding it scrap £4.5 billion of planned Airbus orders, asking if any executives took bribes from Airbus and demanding wholesale boardroom change. The letter is dynamite and I reproduce it in full below:


868 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Easyjet has to be nationalised with shareholders losing everything

I have discussed coronavirus itself putting to you a question no-one dares ask over on my own website HERE. Then I discuss Peter Brailey’s most excellent work on the oil price today and what it means for London’s listed oil stocks if Peter is even half correct, which I think he may be. Finally to the airlines and why shareholders in EasyJet (EZJ) must now lose everything in a nationalisation not just be modestly diluted as the FT argues is being discussed. 


872 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Folks in the last village in Wales show how good they are as President Trump faces a $40bn Boeing challenge

I start with a few thoughts on how folks here in our village are showing their good side and how some businesses in doing so and adapting are showing the way forward for capitalism. Then I look at the Boeing, British Airways and Easyjet (EZJ) bailout conundrums facing our leaders. Easyjet has just scored a big own goal on that front and almost deserves to perish, hence the share price move today. I look at Crest Nicholson (CRST) and also at R4E (R4E) which is either a five bagger or bust.


874 days ago

Tom Winnfrith Bearcast - a long chat with Lucian Miers

I had a long chat with Lucian Miers who is right now in Cambodia ( cue cheap Gary Glitter jokes from morons on ADVFN). We discussed coronavirus and the state of the markets. What to buy in the FTSE 100 and his shorts: De la Rue (DLAR), Versarien (VRS), Easyjet (EZJ), IQE (IQE), Apple, Tesla and Purplebricks (PURP) and also the ethics of bailouts and what Governments will be allowed to do., I also comment on Finablr (FIN) and panic selling in Big Sofa (BST)


1108 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition TWO with Tom Winnifrith

Once again, please excuse my croaky voice. In this second edition of the ShareProphets Radio podcast sponsored by Riverfort Global Capital, this week, in order I discuss the cowardice of a well known AIM CEO, interview bear raider Lucian Miers on a wide range of subjects including Tesla, Neil Woodford and WPCT, IQE, Purplebricks, UK Oil & Gas, Thomas Cook and cannabis, I then interview value blue chip investor Chris Bailey on, inter alia, Tesla, EasyJet, Imperial Brands, Woodford, Burberry, Dignity, and St James Place. Enjoy. If you like this and can’t wait seven days for more of the same you should listen to my Bearcast every day.


1480 days ago

Easyjet and the nasty food currency scam it inflicts on its customers

I travel Easyjet (EZY) often. In the winter it is Bristol to Athens and back, in the summer it is Gatwick to Kalamata and back.  Usually it is no worse and no better than any other budget airline. Not that I really care but I just want to point out a quite obvious scam it inflicts on its passengers.


1610 days ago

Hat Tip to Easyjet CEO Johan Lundgren for taking me seriously as a customer

You may remember that in a podcast (HERE) on 4th March I recalled a horrific 22 hour trip from Kalamata, via Athens Airport, to Bristol made hellish not just by snow but by the behaviour of EasyJet (EZJ) staff who repeatedly lied to me and fellow passengers. last night I sent that podcast to EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren with a note:


1618 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Sir Bradley Wiggins and British Cycling you are right up there with UKOG

I have long been critical of Sir Bradley Wiggins and his fellow British cyclists whether in the Tour de Drugs or elsewhere and comment on what today's report says about our double standards and lack of standards. I comment on your comments on the airlines in the wake of my nightmare with EasyJet (EZJ). I look at Interserve (IRV), Feedback (FDBK), King of the spiv tweets UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Metminco (MNC), Union Jack Oil & Gas (UJO), Fusion Antibody (FAB) and Andalas (ADL) which MUST make a statement ASAP after yesterday's shock revelation HERE.


1618 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Easyjet you DO owe me a duty of care, you are lying bastards and your team at Gatwick should be shot at dawn

I start with one reason I am thinking of quitting running businesses: folks who say that they will do something and then don't do it, letting you down. I have had two this weekend and it is just poor behaviour, very tiring and something that bores me. Then it is onto discussing a crap headline article in the Sunday Telegraph on Interserve (IURV) and another on Carillion (CLLN) before my main subject - my 22 hour trip home from Greece. EazyJet you are bastards and this is why I loathe, despite and pity you for being lying scumbags.


1722 days ago

Matching Granny Lesbia! Travel glory and a war story

My father's mother Lesbia Winnifrith (nee Cochrane) was noted for many things, not least foir me being - as are all Cochranes - a great Hellenophile.  Playing rugby with the boys at the Dragon School, being pretty useful at cricket and also the undisputedly best player of mass family games of Racing Demon were some of those things I remember. There is a story from the war, involving travel from when my father, aged three, returned from evacuation in Westmoreland.


1804 days ago

What will my wife be giving me tomorrow? 4th Wedding anniversary looms

Natch, the same as last year: grief. Of course I jest. The Mrs says that she has a treat lined up for me when we return to the UK. I am more organised and on our fourth anniversary have arranged a real treat for her in Kalamata. It involves olive oil but there is no need to furnish you with the full details. In a way, our bigger celebration, is 15 days later - the first birthday of young Joshua Patrick.


1839 days ago

EasyJet 2 big takeaways and one is SELL

Before he became a resource guru, Andrew Monk of VSA Resources was a transport analyst for many years. As such his comments today about Easyjet (EZJ). The point about executive greed, oops I meant incentivisation, is a very valid general one. The other point is ...SELL. Over to the Monkey who writes...  

So back to serious stuff and firstly airlines and EasyJet in particular. Now Dame Carolyn McCall 


1923 days ago

Can I be a victim too? Virtue signalling is such fun as I suffer a hate crime at Gatwick

I was wandering towards passport control from where my Easyjet flight from Kalamata had landed, that is to say bloody miles from anywhere, when I heard a woman's voice behind me. "Welcome to bloody Brexit land" she said sneeringly and loudly. Quick as a flash, I said equally loudly "Or as we call it these days, the newly free and independent United Kingdom."


1948 days ago

Diary of a Diabetic day 6 - a very up and down 48 hours, here and in Shipston

I loathe flying. The truth is that it frightens me a bit. And so I usually have a drink or two in the hope that it knocks me out on the plane. But taking this type 2 diabetes seriously, there was no alcohol for me at Bristol airport on Friday. The place was crammed, largely with fat people flying Easyjet for stag and hen parties across Europe. The rotund stags and porcine hens were already drinking heavily by noon when the Mrs and I arrived and they were also stuffing their fat faces with processed junk food, aka sugar filled suicide sandwiches. I had a coffee.


2131 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The Mrs is sending me packing (to the gym)

It is not that she wishes me to lose a few llbs, it is that she wants me out of the house so that she and young Joshua can watch rubbish on the TV without me sneering. In that vein I bring you this podcast but also another on why the Tory conference nauseated me (HERE). At a company level I look at President Petroleum (PPC), Wandisco (WAND), Ageittera (RUN A MILE), Cloudtag (CTAG), Fastjet (FJET), EasyJet (EZJ) and the bankrupt fraud Servision (SEV), 


2209 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: £2 for a fecking Guardian "Newspaper" for my Dad, I feel dirty & violated

I had to buy another Guardian for my Dad today. Two fecking quid of my money has gone to Polly fecking Toynbee to pay for the upkeep of her fecking Tuscan castle as she lectures me about all sorts of shite. I feel dirty for buying this rag and violated by the transfer of wealth from me to Toynbee. Moving on I cover Gulf Keystone (GKP), FairFX (FFX), Osirium Technologies (OSI) which I do not get at all and contrast with Falanx (FLX) which I do very much get and whose shares we own. I also look at WH Ireland (WHI), Servision (SEV) and Easyjet (EZJ) which gives me a chance to be rude to Andrew Monk at VSA Resources.


2232 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - how much does a fishing rod cost?

I ask that question just to make a point about discretionary consumer spending and as part of a discussion about Fishing Republic (FISH). I also cover Domino's Pizza (DOM),  Biome (BIOM), Foxtons (FOXT), EasyJet (EZJ) as well as more post Brexit coverage following up on points made at the weekend HERE 


2256 days ago

The AIM Nightmare board - joining CEO Piers Linney is FD Nilesh Jagatia - check out his CV of doom

Who would you want running the AIM PLC board from hell? Naturally with Outsourcery (OUT) becoming his 39th business failure, or is it 38 I lose track, Dragon's Den flop Piers Linney has to be the CEO. I'd nominate that silly woman from Easyjet (EZJ) as Group Equal Opportunities Officer. The Chairman has to be the patrician twit Gibson Smith formerly at the LSE. The FD...check out the CV of Nilesh Jagatia of Inspirit (INSP) and Teather's (TEA) infamy now on the run!


2328 days ago

Willie obsessed Easyjet - An Apology that just does not wash

Back at Easyjet (EZJ), as CEO Carolyn McCall agonises about how she can get more women flying her planes, her Customer (lack of) Services Teams has emailed a apology to those folks whose Cretan holidays it trashed on Wednesday, including me. The apology is vague and does not wash. I Fiske it below.


2329 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 23 March - I'm coming for YOU Lenigas , but first its bed time

I am off to bed thanks to the PC imbeciles at EasyJet but first three announcements about UK Investor Show on April 30th. We send tickets out this weekend so if you have not boooked go now to NOW and use the promotional code SPUKI to get a free investor class seat. At a company level I cover Lighthouse (LGT), Snacktime (SNAK), William Hill (WMH), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Solo (SOLO), MX Oil (MXO) and Tungsten (TUNG)


2329 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast for Ms McCall of Easyjet - I dont care if your pilots have willies or not you have ruined my day

Carolyn McCall the CEO of Easyjet (EZJ) is obsessed with how many of her pilots have willies. She wants more women in the cockpit. I dont care who drives her bloody planes she has ruined my day with appalling customer service and I now find myself tired and bad tempered at Athens Airport, not having a stiff ouzo as planned in Crete. As such Ms McCall deserves a bearcast special.


2329 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 March - Red Flags on Green Shite Edition

I shall deal with willie obsessed holiday ruining Easyjet (EZJ) later. And also with Fastjet (FJET) but suffice to say its shares are a sell. A reminder SPUKI - book your seats today to hear me expose the fat share ramper Lenigas in full plus much more at UK Investor on April 30. Thanks to Intelligent Energy (IEH) for clarifying what net cash means ( please note D&D) I cover its woes today plus also Plus500 (PLUS), RedX Pharma (REDX), Next (NXT) and Sareum (SAR)


2584 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 12 July, Blinkx, Avanti, Easyjet, Greece and a feeling of alienation

I am back in the UK and in this podcast start to comment in detail on a couple of companies notably Avanti Communications and blinkx as well as a few wider issues.


2586 days ago

EazyJet screws up - My Euro to Ouzo conversion programme continues

I arrived at Athens airport at 7 PM on the dot and sober as a judge with plenty of time for a 9 PM flight to Gatwick, given that I had already checked in and only have hand luggage. Er..oh. My flight is delayed by 3 hours and 20 minutes.

That means that I am likely to arrive at Gatwick at c2.30-3PM GMT and will then have 150 minutes to kill before the first bus to Bristol departs. A nightmare journey awaits.

I head to the special needs easyjet desk and say that I have a special need, I am thick. What does this all mean? An officious lady says shows me a pack of vouchers which I guess get me a sandwich and a drink and offers me the chance to get behind 140 other sweaty Brits and escaping Greeks to queue to get the voucher of which she has a stack of in her hand. Put another way "fuck off and line up with all the other peasants, I am not even going to use the word sorry since you are only a customer and I view you with complete contempt."

I say ta but no ta and head off to get a frozen yoghurt and to wander to the terribly expensive Sofitel opposite the airport. It has a great internet connection.

As it happens my Euro to ouzo conversion programme of the past eight days has not gone according to plan and I appear to have around 1200 Euro burning a hole in my pocket. I now have four and a half hours to kill. I have no choice. The PC is plugged in. I am writing and a large ouzo with ice has just arrived. This could be a long night and I fear that my only company will be my best friend ouzo. I have eight days of relative sobriety to make amends for.


2594 days ago

I arrive in Athens – first poverty porn pictures from Greece

Some folk say that it is better to travel than to arrive. I guess they have never travelled on a 5.45 AM Easyjet flight from Gatwick.  But my first sight in Greece was a pure delight. I was wandering from the plane into the terminal behind this stunning Greek goddess wearing a light but long skirt. Suddenly a gust of wind caught her skirt blowing it right up above her waist. Little was left to the imagination. Okay that is not true - I imagined away. Sadly I have no photo of this daughter of Athena. But now in the centre of Athens I bring you the first poverty porn.

I am in the business district just behind Syntagma square cadging some office space off a very good friend. This is a rich area. But check out the ATMs. You can withdraw just 60 Euro a day – in theory at least as the cashpoints regularly run out of er…cash. And so religiously, those foolish enough to leave anything in their accounts head to an ATM once a day to take out 60 Euro. So the lines for withdrawals are constant and heavy outside every ATM as you can see below.


3362 days ago

Off to Berlin with the Stag & Hen Parties

I write this from on-board an Easyjet flight to Berlin where I am going to the wedding of a friend of my partner. He is marrying a Kraut and I have been given a stern lesson about words and phrases I am not allowed to use. Kraut is one of them.

I have however packed my “It’s Time to Leave T-shirt” although my “I stand with Israel T-shirt” was left behind. Perhaps I should have knocked up a quick “I stand with Greece” number just for this trip. I have no football shirts. I do not plan to discuss our national sport with the Hun and I am banned from discussing theirs.

It seems as if most of my fellow passengers are on one of two stag parties and one hen party- all from Wales. I guess this is what Easyjet was created for. I am not sure that those on this trip will be taking in many of the sights of Berlin and it would have been far cheaper for 1 stag party and the hen party just to stay at Bristol airport, get blind drunk and shag each other. But they are all underway now, happily ordering a stream of expensive drinks from the staff.

The two grooms to be are both dressed up. One very large and gormless looking fellow is dressed as a fairy. The other smaller, but equally gormless, fellow is wearing a little gold number. Whatever floats their boat. I am sure they will have a great time. I just rather hope that they do so a very good distance from where we are staying.


3639 days ago

RyanAir & EasyJet – Scrooge and Bedlam in One: Bad, Mad and Driving me Nuts

At one level you cannot fault RyanAir and EasyJet. Fuel prices are high, overall passenger volumes soft and while the flag carriers report dire numbers, these companies continue to make vast profits. Crack out the nasty sparkling white wine at 9 euro for a small plastic bottle and let’s party. But at another level, as a customer, I use them because it is cheaper to do so but hate them more every time I travel with them.

The Daily Mail today brings you a couple of reasons to hate EasyAir and I bring you another. First we have the case of the lady who was admittedly travelling with Monarch Airlines but since it operates a similar sort of service I lump it in with the general pile. This poor lady (who seems to have a penchant for covering herself in hideous tattoos and so I shall spare you the link) told Monarch staff that she was cold and asked for a blanket. Sadly this was against Health & Safety Regulations and so she had to shiver. Ten minutes later staff wandered round offering all passengers a pack of an eye mask, blow up pillow and er…a blanket for just £5. But i thought you said something spurious about Health & Safety?