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Photo Article: 5,000 democracy hating poltroons march and the BBC and C4 treat this as mass revolt over Brexit

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 10 September 2017

5,000 folks marched through London yesterday to demand that we stay in the EU. The speakers included some poor incoherent dishevelled Irish chap who I thought was a Big Issue seller invited onto the platform as part of a drive for diversity but turned out to be Bob Geldof. Though the folks, most of whom seemed to be notably physically unattractive and/ or significantly overweight showing, once again, that politics really is show business for ugly people came up with all sort reasons for protesting its clear that all wanted stay in the EU.And that is how they felt before the nation vote the other way year. These remoaners just cannot accept democracy.

We need another vote they said. What happens if we vite again for Brexit. Then we can have yet another one. That is EU style democracy. Keep voting you fucking plebs until you vote the right way. Meanwhile we will all insult you for being thick and/or racist for voting the wrong way.

5,000 people in a country of 65 million really is not a lot. Put it this way, 6,730 folks felt strongly enough about watching Oxford United to pay to go to the home game against Gillingham in the 3-0 Division One match yesterday. Of those 382 were travelling Gills. Thus 6,448 were there to cheer for the boys in Yellow. More folks care about Oxford United than about frustrating the will of 17.4 million of their fellow citizens expressed in a democratic ballot, the biggest exercise in democracy this country has ever seen.

Were the BBC and C4 Fake News covering another win for mighty Oxford in full detail. Oddly no. But this really very small demonstration by those who reject democracy got mass coverage. Was it really deserved? Was that really balanced coverage? The answer has to be No. It says an awful lot about those who control the media and nothing whatsoever about what the country actually thinks.

As to those middle class folks who think their voices are more important than yours...I bring you a tweet and a video that says it all...

@Holbornlolz : This alone is reason to widen and dredge the English Channel

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