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Why are the BBC and The Guardian not all over the Yasmin Seweid story this time?

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 12 September 2017

You may remember that last December, shortly after the US election The mainstream media was filled with reports of hate crimes against immigrants and muslims in particular surging across America. The highest profile victim whose plight the BBC , the Guardian etc reported enthusiastically without verifying was Yasmin Seweid. She was an international cause celebre.

She claimed that several Trump supporters verbally assaulted her while she was on the New York City Subway. On her Facebook page she posted, “Three white racists yelled such disgusting slurs at me, I was so helpless and felt defenseless.” She claimed that these Trump supporters said, “Look it’s a f-king terrorist”, “go back to your country, you don’t belong here” and directed other racial slurs toward her.

Fabbo said the liberal media, not concerned that while Yasmin said the subway car was packed there were no witnesses and - amazingly - no-one filming on their mobile. Who cares about checking facts? We are fake news and this shows Trump supporters are racist scumbags.

Last week Yasmin pleaded guilty to falsely reporting an incident and disorderly conduct. She admitted that she wasted valuable police resources. A pathetic liberal judge sentenced her to six months of counselling and three days of community service.And what sort signal will that send out about committing such a crime? Thankfully there were no good ol' boys from Alabama wearing MAGA baseball caps on Yasmin's train. But imagine what would have happened had there been as the cops pulled them in for questioning with the liberal media wolfpack, Jesse Jackson and thousands of virtue signalling millennials on new media all baying for blood. Imagine such an ordeal Yasmin - as liberals often forget actions do have consequences.

Anyhow the poster girl for the wave of - alleged - Trump inspired hate crime is convicted as a fraud and a liar. So where is the mass coverage of this real news on outlets such as Channel 4 Fake News to balance their lazy, unverified, agenda driven fake news of eight months ago?

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