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Hey Crooked Hillary - about Harvey Weinstein's $250,000 and that $3 million wedding of your brat Chelsea

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 16 October 2017

The Clinton Foundation has today said that it will not be returning a $250,000 donation from a loathsome man who used his position to get sex from young women and is an alleged rapist. No silly, I am not talking about Bill Clinton but his fellow progressive Democrat and erstwhile campaigner for women's rights, Mr Harvey Weinstein. Natch the mainstream liberal media sees nothing wrong in this arguing that all the money was spent on good causes. But that is a lie.

Harvey's donation was tax deductible so the US taxpayer was the first loser as he handed over his cash to the foundation run by his fellow rapist and Lady MacBeth. The Clinton Foundation paid vast salaries to its staffers including, of course, the spoiled brat Chelsea. Worse still, the leaked Wikileaks emails (nothing to do with Russia according to Wikileaks whatever the Crooked One says in her new godawful book) showed that the Foundation also helped pay for Chelsea's $3 million wedding.

So no... the cash from disgraced Harvey did not all go on good causes. Unless of course you consider that celebrating the wedding of the daughter of the Crooked One to be a good cause.

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